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<br /> -.- <br />e consulting on construction at Mahlon Sweet Airport which will be a model to <br /> other communities of a fully accessible airport; testifying for a ramp at the <br /> Shelton-McMurphey House, and continued work towards the production and <br /> distribution of an Accessibility Guide Book. <br /> Mr. Kahle explained that the Commission on the Rights of Minorities has <br /> successfully coordinated the Task Force on the Celebration of Martin Luther <br /> King, Jr. Day; provided publicity and technical support for ten events in <br /> that celebration, which were attended by over 4,000 community members; <br /> provided technical and advisory support for a variety of organizations with <br /> overlapping concerns, including the 4J School System Racial Justice Task <br /> Force, the City of Springfield Human Rights Task Force, the State of Oregon <br /> Coalition of Human Rights Organizations, CALC, the Eugene Celebration, and <br /> the Community Coalition for Gang Prevention; held a spring public forum on <br /> recent student and government actions in the People's Republic of China; and <br /> continued to work with Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services, Public <br /> Safety, and community members on resolution of conflict in Monroe Park <br /> through the Friends of Monroe Park. <br /> Mr. Kahle said the accomplishments of the Commission on the Rights of Women <br /> include: establishing crimes against women as a priority for 1989; a <br /> day-long seminar for the staff of 25 area agencies working with victims of <br /> sexual and domestic violence, as well as Public Safety officers, providing an <br /> opportunity for them to network and share resources; cosponsoring C.A.R.E. <br /> (Creating a Rape-free Environment) Week at the University of Oregon; <br /> presenting a forum on how to deal with anger; the establishment of an ongoing <br />e work group to examine the issues of sexual and domestic violence, and a <br /> seminar on "Women and Homelessness" presented by a nationally acknowledged <br /> expert. <br /> Mr. Kahle said the activities of the Commission on the Rights of Youth <br /> include: cosponsoring a nationally recognized Job Faire, attended by 800 <br /> area youth and 75 employers; the formation of a Youth Advisory Committee <br /> which consists of citywide high school representatives; monitoring a number <br /> of emerging issues; testifying at two City Council hearings on skateboarding; <br /> a forum on teenage homelessness; support of State legislation to fund <br /> shelters for homeless youth; and providing financial support for the CALC <br /> mural project in response to offensive graffiti. <br /> Mr. Kahle said the Human Rights Presidents Council consists of the president <br /> of each of the five human rights commissions. He said it has been involved <br /> in: organizing the annual all-commission meeting and orientation for new <br /> commission members; promoting participation in the State of Oregon Coalition <br /> of Human Rights Organizations meetings; participation in the Northwest <br /> Coalition Against Malicious Harassment; planning a multicultural event for <br /> the Eugene Celebration; monitoring the City budget process; cooperating with <br /> the Mayor's Task Force on Human Rights; meeting with Public Safety <br /> representatives to discuss improved responsiveness to human rights issues in <br /> Public Safety activities; promoted cooperation among agencies and groups <br /> involved with human rights; promoting discussion of housing and homelessness. <br />e MINUTES--Eugene City Council November 20, 1989 Page 3 <br /> Dinner/Work Session <br /> - <br />