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<br /> The public hearing was opened. Those speaking in favor of the appeal: <br /> e Deborah Burt, 3495 Ferry Street, Euoene, said she felt the program was discrimi- <br /> natory to Sacred Heart Hospital employees. She asked if the program would also <br /> be in effect between 6 p.m. and 7 a.m., stating that people should not have to <br /> pay to go to work and that a problem may be created in forcing people to walk a <br /> great distance to work. She also said that any metering of spaces beginning at <br /> 7 a.m. would create a problem for night shift personnel who could not get out to <br /> feed the meters. She said that the program might increase the crime rate during <br /> the night hours. <br /> Ron Nunemaker, 3160 Harris, Eugene, said he had resided in a quad-apartment at <br /> 1728 Ferry from March to September 1983. He said that during that time he had <br /> received several Woonerf newsletters, none of which mentioned the implementation <br /> of the parking program until a few weeks ago. He said that he never had diffi- <br /> culty finding a parking space within a few blocks of his Ferry Street apartment <br /> and said that no problem exists. He referred to an incident when an individual <br /> had been recording license plates. He said he was told to mind his own business <br /> when he questioned the individual. He said that the area population is mostly <br /> transient in nature and that the vehicles are probably not registered to local <br /> addresses. He restated that he has never had a problem parking in the area. <br /> Referring to the staff statement that cancellation of the project may result in <br /> long-term effects in funding of other City projects, Mr. Nunemaker said that the <br /> City had initiated the program and now was afraid to back out of it. <br /> Jeanne E. Harcleroad, no address given, said she was Director of the Nursing <br /> Program at Lane Community College. She said that in her program many students <br /> e traveled to and from various agencies during the early morning and late evening <br /> hours. She said the Sacred Heart parking facility could not accommodate the <br /> students; therefore, the parking program would force the students to walk great <br /> distances on foot during those hours. She felt the situation created by the <br /> program would endanger the students and that she was working with Sacred Heart <br /> Hospital to resolve the problem. She said she was concerned for the safety of <br /> her students and any additional cost that may be incurred by the students. <br /> Brian Burleigh, 1525 Inglewood, Eugene, said he has spent at least eight hours a <br /> day on those days when he attended classes at the University during the past <br /> three years. He said he had always parked free in the West University area <br /> during that period because most of his classes were located on the west side of <br /> campus. He said he did not support the program and did not want to be part of <br /> it, emphasizing that he was appalled at the price being set for the parking <br /> permits. He said he was a student living on a fixed income and had not figured <br /> on an additional $50 per term for parking. He said he had discovered that the <br /> City did not have a decisive program in authenticating West University residents <br /> when he applied for and received a free parking permit. He returned the permit <br /> to the City staff, stating that the program was creating a potential black <br /> market among students. He said that property taxes had already reduced his <br /> savings and he did not want to spend additional money for parking in the West <br /> University area. He resented the fact that this was the first opportunity that <br /> he had known about to voice his opposition to the program, after the parking <br /> sign posts were already in place. He also resented that he had not been invited <br /> to speak in the same manner in which the West University residents had been <br /> e invited to speak in support of the program. <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 10, 1983 Page 2 <br />