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<br /> Patrie Smith, 2875 Taylor Street, Eugene, said he represented the Office of <br /> Student Advocacy, a branch of the Associated Students of the University of <br /> e Oregon (ASUO). He referred to point #2 of the memo submitted to the council, <br /> stating that a survey had been conducted on October 8 to inventory on- and <br /> off-street parking in the West University area. He said 170 properties of the <br /> 200 inventoried had garages, carports, or other off-street parking. He ques- <br /> tioned the West University Neighborhood study which quoted a 70-percent figure <br /> of non-resident cars parked on the streets, asking how many of the cars were <br /> owned by residents who had off-street parking available. He felt the program <br /> was incomplete because true parking needs had not been determined. He agreed <br /> that the potential for a black market for parking permits did exist. He also <br /> asked the council to compare this program with the South University Neighborhood <br /> Area preferential parking program, noting that taking half the streets out of <br /> the free parking realm had proven to be a reasonable alternative. <br /> Barbara McCarth~, 500 East 16th Street, Eugene, Assistant Coordinator for <br /> University Affalrs for the ASUO, said she realized that much time had been spent <br /> in developing the parking program for the WUN area, but added that the process <br /> and solution left much to be desired. She said that parking sign posts were <br /> placed and permits went on sale prior to the public hearing. She said that <br /> institutional administrators, and not the affected groups, were asked for input <br /> during the process, which took place during the summer when most students were <br /> out of town. She questioned the expenditure of City funds to invite input in <br /> support of the program. Ms. McCarthy said the rate structure was prohibitive to <br /> students, stating that finances were the primary reason students drop out of <br /> school. She emphasized that the University was Eugene1s largest employer, yet <br /> this policy alienated the students from the City. She stressed that money spent <br /> e on parking permits would not be spent in the area stores. Stating that the <br /> distributed brochure was unclear, she questioned staff on how the permits would <br /> be allocated to ensure only residents received the free permits. She asked if <br /> the present boundaries were permanent, or would more money be spent in future <br /> modifications? She asked how the rate structure was determined and on what the <br /> fees and fines would be spent, suggesting that this money be used to improve <br /> public transportation to the campus. She questioned why the sign posts were <br /> installed on a Saturday when labor expenses were high. She felt a poor brochure <br /> and unavailable staff had left many questions unanswered. She suggested that <br /> program implementation be delayed to allow input from University students and <br /> employees as well as other employee groups. <br /> Terri Krupka, 1625 Henderson, F2, Eugene, said she was an employee of the Bureau <br /> of Land Management and she was concerned that BLM employees had not been given <br /> voting rights on this issue. She said the parking problem appeared in mid- <br /> September, adding that a low-rate parking program should be instituted for <br /> students. She said that the money she usually spends in downtown Eugene would <br /> stop if this program were implemented. She acknowledged that rapid transit was <br /> being encouraged, but she questioned the need for two bicycle lanes on Alder <br /> Street where parking was needed. She expressed her concern for the safety of <br /> individuals who must work odd hours. She said a survey of parking lot fees did <br /> not support the notion that the program would deter students from parking on the <br /> streets. She asked that staff develop alternatives to the program. <br /> e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 10, 1983 Page 3 <br />