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<br />. <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />There was discussion on whether a newspaper surveyor professional random sample <br />survey would produce the most appropriate community input on the goals from the <br />conference. Ms. Schue said that if any action was taken to survey community <br />attitude, that it take place after the April 24 conference so that the goal list <br />would be narrowed down. It was concluded that this subject should be discussed <br />again at another Council meeting. <br /> <br />D. Joint Parks Committee <br /> <br />Mr. Ball reported that the Joint Parks Committee is considering a pro- <br />posal to add another nine holes of golf at Laurelwood Golf Course. There is a <br />proposal being considered by the Committee for Alton Baker Park maintenance by <br />the City, with a title exchange/long-term lease arrangement with the County. The <br />Aquatic Resources Committee has met to review pool improvements and reno- <br />vations. The flood control and canoeway project will not receive adequate <br />funding from the Corps of Engineers, and therefore will probably not materialize. <br /> <br />E. Glenwood Jurisdictional Committee <br /> <br />Councilor Ball advised that Glenwood Jurisdictional Committee has had its first <br />meeting. <br /> <br />F. River Road/Santa Clara Committee <br /> <br />Mr. Ball stated that River Road and Santa Clara projects are moving along <br />with negotiations on right-of-way issues. <br /> <br />G. Affirmative Action Task Force <br /> <br />Mr. Ball further reported that the Affirmative Action Task Force is working on <br />the next round of goals; they plan to update the Gold Book, with a resolution to <br />be ready in about a month. <br /> <br />H. 4-J Task Force <br /> <br />Ms. Schue reported that facility scheduling concerns were discussed with 4-J <br />administrators. She felt that the scheduling of the school gyms should be <br />easier to manage because of the open discussion. <br /> <br />The 4-J Task Force has a meeting this Friday. <br /> <br />I. Community Development/Joint Housing Committee <br /> <br />Ms. Schue said that the Community Development Committee and Joint Housing <br />Committee were meeting on Thursday, January 19 to discuss combining the two <br />committees. A proposed set of by-laws establishing an interim Community <br />Development Committee will be reviewed and forwarded for City Council approval. <br />She asked the council to be thinking about direction for the interim committee. <br /> <br />MINUTES--Eugene City Council <br /> <br />January 18, 1984 <br /> <br />Page 3 <br />