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<br />- <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />J. Citizen Involvement Committee <br /> <br />Mr. Holmer urged the council to consider giving new direction to the Citizen <br />Involvement Committee (CIC) so they can consider citizen involvement on a <br />broader scale. In the ensuing discussion on responsibility of the CIC, Ms. <br />Schue remarked that the State LCDC process requires a citizen committee to <br />review land use issues. Whether or not CIC should deal with issues other than <br />land use is up to the council, she said. <br /> <br />Mr. Holmer felt that there should be some committee to take responsibility for <br />neighborhood newsletters. Mr. Gleason reported that he felt the newsletters had <br />become inconsistent in quality and publication dates. Extensive discussion took <br />place on the effectiveness and quality of the newletters. Other options for <br />news dissemination were explored such as combining the neighborhood newsletters <br />with bulletins of other entities such as the quarterly parks and recreation <br />tabloid. Mr. Gleason suggested that the CIC take on the project of evaluating <br />the neighborhood newsletter issue after the neighborhood surveys have been <br />analyzed. Mr. Holmer agreed with Mr. Gleason's suggestion. Mr. Ball ques- <br />tioned whether the CIC had the membership to do this, and Mr. Holmer said <br />additional membership could be added. <br /> <br />K. Dunn School Playground Issue <br /> <br />Mr. Gleason asked for direction on working with the school district on use of <br />Dunn School ball fields, with the potential of property purchase for park <br />development. He clarified that he needed general direction to work out arrange- <br />ments with the school district. Mr. Ball felt that the 4-J Task Force would <br />deal with a process to acquire this property in time. <br /> <br />L. Financial Planning Committee <br /> <br />Mr. Obie expressed frustration with the progress of the Financial Planning <br />Committee. After extensive discussion, there was consensus that there were <br />several key long-range financial issues to discuss, such as capital improve- <br />ments. Because of budget cutbacks it has not been possible to fund at customary <br />levels of services. Mr. Hansen said he would like to review the council's <br />charge on budget goals. There was consensus that the councilors would meet with <br />Mr. Gleason and Mr. Wong, Finance Director, and review key budget issues <br />prior to the time the budget is formally presented. <br /> <br />It was decided to hold one or two dinner work sessions, with February 6 tenta- <br />tively set for the first session. It was decided that the work session should <br />not be scheduled prior to a regular council meeting to allow a lengthy dis- <br />cussion if necessary. Mr. Gleason was asked to prepare a report giving broad <br />background on levels of service and capital improvements along with money-saving <br />strategies. It was suggested that long-range goals be set in these areas. A <br />five-year planning period was suggested. Mr. Gleason said he would confirm the <br />meeting date after he checked his schedule with staff. <br /> <br />MINUTES--Eugene City Council <br /> <br />January 18, 1984 <br /> <br />Page 4 <br />