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<br />- <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />since its action on the application. In response to a question, Ms. Jones <br />stated that the application was submitted in early April 1983. <br /> <br />There were no statements of ex parte contact or conflicts of interest. <br /> <br />The staff notes and minutes were entered into the record. <br /> <br />Mayor Keller announced that Councilors Wooten and Smith were absent due to the <br />annual meeting of the Eugene-Springfield Visitors and Convention Bureau. <br /> <br />The public hearing was opened. <br /> <br />Speaking in favor of the proposal: <br /> <br />Michael Farthing, 975 Oak Street, attorney for the applicants, stated that the <br />interests of Booth-Fischer were purchased by Mr. Fischer. He said the applicants <br />agree with the staff report and that he appreciates the work and cooperation of <br />Ms. Jones. He said he believes that the applicable criteria for annexation and <br />rezoning have been addressed in the application. Mr. Farthing said that he <br />disagrees with the staff recommendation to await the results of the jurisdic- <br />tional study. He explained that the applicants made their application in April <br />1983 and have waited patiently for action. He acknowledged that the Glenwood <br />Task Force was convened in December 1983 and is currently performing the study, <br />but he feels that the task force was prompted by the application. He stated <br />that the process could proceed well into the fall of 1984 before any action is <br />taken by the Boundary Commission if the council chooses to wait for the study <br />results. He said the applicants are requesting action by the council at this <br />time in order to take advantage of the summer building season should the appli- <br />cation be approved. Mr. Farthing said a portion of the property is presently <br />zoned County M-2 and could be partially developed under this zoning while still <br />in the county. He added that it would be difficult for the applicants to <br />obtain any loan financing until the application is approved. Mr. Farthing <br />stated that the Glenwood policy which calls for the task force does not mention <br />delaying any annexation, rezoning, or land use applications to wait for the <br />study results, but he said the City does have a strong policy encouraging <br />annexation and the growth and development of local businesses. He felt that <br />there is no practical reason for delay, stating that Eugene will most likely be <br />found as the provider of urban services. If the City of Springfield is found to <br />be the service provider, Mr. Farthing said, then it might be 10 to 20 years <br />before the area is annexed. He said that any annexation of the Farwest Steel <br />Plant will have to deal with the entire complex of properties, approximately. 12 <br />acres. Mr. Farthing said the 1990 Plan mentions the Glenwood area as suitable <br />for central warehouse operations such as the Farwest Steel operation. He <br />explained that the Farwest Steel operation is dependent on trucking and access <br />to the freeway and that the company is currently attempting to consolidate <br />its operations into one location. <br /> <br />Speaking in opposition to the proposal: <br /> <br />Margaret Marino, 3825 East 21st Avenue, chairperson of the Glenwood Community <br />Organization, stated that she owns a home in the area which will be directly <br /> <br />MINUTES--Eugene City Council <br /> <br />February 13, 1984 <br /> <br />Page 2 <br />