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<br /> e Ms. Ehrman scored this an 8. She said that the council should not blame the <br /> City Manager when the council fails to achieve its goals. She pointed out <br /> that the downtown issue has been surrounded by a great deal of community <br /> controversy, which could explain why this goal has not made as much progress <br /> as the council had hoped. <br /> Mr. Miller scored this an 8. He felt that the council had good success with <br /> its goal for downtown. He said that Mr. Gleason takes the council's goals <br /> seriously and suggested that perhaps the council has not been entirely clear <br /> in its direction on this goal. <br /> Mr. Boles indicated that one reason why the council was not able to achieve <br /> its goal as it had hoped was because the list of goals for this year was too <br /> long. He acknowledged that the council's success with its goals does not <br /> rest entirely with the City Manager. Mr. Boles expressed frustration with <br /> the progress the council has made with respect to its transportation goals <br /> downtown. Specifically, he said he had hoped that the City would address a <br /> comprehensive transportation plan so that it would now be in a position to <br /> assess various alternative modes of transportation. He felt that the council <br /> should have received a work plan at the beginning of the year to chart its <br /> progress toward this goal. <br /> Ms. Bascom pointed out that this issue was raised previously during a council <br /> discussion, and said that Mr. Gleason had explained that the progress toward <br /> this goal would naturally take longer because of the number of entities <br /> involved. <br /> e Mr. Bennett echoed Mr. Boles' frustration with the council progress toward <br /> its transportation goal. He observed that in the past the council has only <br /> dealt with this issue on a political level. Mr. Bennett noted that the <br /> council made a strong commitment toward this goal at last year's goals <br /> session and said that the council should now be instituting policy to support <br /> alternative transportation modes. <br /> Ms. Ehrman said that her expectation of progress toward the transportation <br /> goal is not the same as Mr. Boles'. She noted that the City could not <br /> undertake a comprehensive transportation update in one year. When working <br /> with other agencies, Ms. Ehrman also cautioned that the City must be willing <br /> to negotiate on issues so that it is not perceived that the City is taking <br /> over. <br /> Mr. Bennett acknowledged that perhaps council expectations with respect to <br /> the transportation goal may have differed. He said that in his perception, <br /> the agencies involved in the transportation issue were pleased that the <br /> council had made the goal of transportation a priority. <br /> B. Goal 2: Works Effectively With the City Council. Includes <br /> Keeping City Council Informed, Assisting the Council in Its <br /> Decision-Making Processes, and Responding to Council Requests <br /> e MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 15, 1990 Page 2 <br /> Dinner/Work Session <br />