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<br /> e B. Segregation of Assessment for Property Located on the North Side <br /> of Willakenzie Road, East of Bogart Lane <br /> C. Segregation of Assessment for Property Located South of Roosevelt <br /> Boulevard, West of Seneca Road <br /> D. Approval of Findings, Minutes, and Recommendations of Hearing <br /> Official and Adoption of Resolution Forming a Local Improvement <br /> District for Construction of a Sound Barrier Wall Along the South <br /> Side of Beltline Road, from Norwood Street to Gilham Road (Job <br /> #2433) cJ <br /> Res. No. 4214--A resolution forming a local improvement dis- <br /> trict for construction of a sound barrier wall <br /> along the south side of Beltline Road, from <br /> Norwood Street to Gilham Road (Job #2433). <br /> Mr. Rutan moved, seconded by Ms. Ehrman, to approve the items <br /> on the City Council consent calendar. Roll call vote; the <br /> motion carried unanimously, 8:0. <br /> III. PUBLIC HEARING: METRO LICENSING SYSTEM FOR PUBLIC-PASSENGER VEHICLES <br /> City Manager Mike Gleason introduced the topic. Greta Utecht, Planning and <br /> Development Department, gave the staff report. She said that staff from <br /> e Eugene and Springfield have been working jointly on a proposal for a metro- <br /> wide regulation system for public passenger vehicles, including taxicabs, <br /> limousines, airport shuttles, and horse-drawn vehicles. Under the proposal, <br /> companies would require a business license, vehicles would require a permit, <br /> and drivers would require certification. The proposal has been crafted in <br /> response to concerns that some companies may be operating without adequate <br /> insurance, placing customers at risk; and to issues around vehicle safety, <br /> driving practices, and rates charged to passengers. <br /> Ms. Utecht noted that during work sessions on the proposal, concerns have <br /> been raised regarding the proposed limitation on the number of licenses is- <br /> sued and the projected costs of the new regulations to the operators. She <br /> said this limit would be established initially by the number of businesses <br /> that apply and are approved for licensing during the first sixty days of <br /> program implementation. Staff recommends this provision in order to stabi- <br /> lize the industry, maintain more control over administration and enforcement <br /> costs, and provide safer conditions for customers. <br /> Ms. Utecht said that two forums with industry members have been held on this <br /> issue. Most of the concerns raised have centered around the proposed fees, <br /> new insurance requirements, and required vehicle inspections. Proposed fees <br /> for vehicles and businesses are set at 100 percent of the costs for issuance <br /> and administration; proposed fees for drivers are set at 58 percent of the <br /> cost. Ms. Utecht noted that the driver certification fees listed in the fee <br /> schedule in the agenda packet are for the first year only--renewal fees would <br /> e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council December 10, 1990 Page 2 <br />