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<br /> - --- <br />e II. PUBLIC HEARING: URBAN RENEWAL AGENCY SUPPLEMENTAL BUDGET NO. 1 <br /> City Manager Mike Gleason introduced the topic and indicated that Warren Wong <br /> was present to answer questions. <br /> Mr. Boles pointed out that the Urban Renewal Agency still has an unsecured <br /> note. <br /> Councilor Schue opened the public hearing. There being no requests to speak, <br /> the public hearing was closed. <br /> Res. No. 950--A resolution adopting a supplemental budget; <br /> making appropriations for the Urban Renewal <br /> Agency for the fiscal year beginning July 1, <br /> 1990, and ending June 30, 1991. <br /> Ms. Ehrman moved, seconded by Mr. Boles, to adopt the resolu- <br /> tion. Roll call vote; the motion carried unanimously, 7:0. <br /> Councilor Schue adjourned the meeting of the Urban Renewal Agency and recon- <br /> vened the meeting of the Eugene City Council. <br /> III. ITEMS FROM THE CITY COUNCIL, MAYOR, AND CITY MANAGER <br /> A. Sand and Gravel Industry <br />e Mr. Green indicated that he has met with some representatives from the sand <br /> and gravel industry who expressed concerns with the impact that State Ballot <br /> Measure 5 will have on their industry and who asked if the City might be <br /> willing to consider relaxing service fees in their industry. <br /> B. Housing Efforts <br /> Mr. Green updated the council on the Neighborhood Economic Development Corpo- <br /> ration's (NEDCO) effort to provide affordable housing in the community. <br /> NEDCO is currently working on a housing project in the North Polk area. He <br /> asked Councilor Bascom to apprise the Housing Policy Board of NEDCO's efforts <br /> and to convey the need for a balance within housing developments to serve a <br /> broader range of income levels. <br /> Mr. Boles said that the council needs to communicate clearly to State and <br /> Federal officials, particularly Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the need <br /> for housing programs designed specifically toward housing ownership rather <br /> than housing rental programs. <br /> C. Community Development Block Grant Three-Year Plan <br /> Mr. Boles indicated that the Community Development Committee has finished its <br /> tentative three-year plan for the allocation of CDSG moneys. The plan should <br /> be available for public review in January. <br />e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council December 12, 1990 Page 2 <br /> \ <br />