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<br /> , <br /> . <br /> He asked why other cab companies were allowed to hire convicted murderers <br /> who were on parole. He also noted that the state had awarded him his <br /> chauffeur's license and that he had never had any difficulty involving <br /> his drivinq privileges. <br /> Mr. Haws asked if the applicant had had an opportunity to review the <br /> memorandum from the Director of Finance to the City Council dated <br /> December 20 and suggested that, if he had not, the proceedings should <br /> be suspended to allow the applicant to review and respond to the <br /> contents of the memorandum. Mr. Murray asked if a brief suspension <br /> was sufficient time. Mr. Haws indicated that if the applicant wanted <br /> additional time he would be happy to move to reset the hearing on the <br /> matter for a later date. <br /> Mr. Shimanek stated, "Go ahead and decide tonight." <br /> Mrs. Shirey inquired if the applicant could engage in the activities he <br /> described without picking up nassengers and whether or not that would <br /> require a license. The manager responded no license would be necessary <br /> unless he was picking up passengers. President Keller asked if the <br /> kinds of functions Mr. Shimanek indicated he was going to engage in were <br /> outside the regular licensing procedure and would require special monitoring <br /> and licensing. Acting Chief of Police Larion stated that the applicant At <br /> could operate in a car in the field and supervise his drivers, dispatch <br /> and otherwise operate the business without a license. He only needed a <br /> license if he were going to pick up passengers. <br /> Public hearing was closed. <br /> Mr. Haws moved seconded by Mr. Hamel to deny the appeal and upho1 d <br /> the staff's decision to deny the license. <br /> Mr. Haws stated his motion is based on the information contained <br /> in the Finance Director's memorandum of December 20, and that <br /> he would be happy to consider new information should the applicant <br /> have new information to present to the Council at some subsequent <br /> time in connection with a new application for a taxi operator's <br /> license. <br /> Vote was taken on the motion as stated. Motion carried <br /> unanimously. <br /> It <br /> Minutes 12/20/76 - 2 <br /> <001 <br />