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<br /> lengthy process and he felt everyone had the opportunity for input. <br /> He said if the matter were going to be reopened, then he thought <br />. Council and Planning Commission should go through the entire process <br /> again. <br /> Mr. Haws moved, seconded by Mr. Hamel, that a special Council <br /> meeting be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday, November 1, prior to the <br /> Planning Commission meeting, and the November 2 noon meeting be <br /> canceled. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> E. Joint meeting with Lane County Commissioners, Springfield Council, <br /> and Eugene Council--Letter distributed to Council from Commissioner <br /> Rust outlining possible agenda items. <br /> Mayor Keller said, as he read the letter, it seemed Commissioner Rust <br /> was the only Commissioner who would be attending the meeting. He <br /> did not feel that was the original intent, but that all Commissioners <br /> and all Councilors were to be present. <br /> Mr. Delay said his impression of the original proposal from Com- <br /> missioner Rust was to have representatives from each of the juris- <br /> dictions join together to discuss various items, but that Commissioner <br /> Rust was not opposed to all elected officials attending. <br /> Ms. Smith noted concern about the lengthy agenda and requested <br /> the list be narrowed down somewhat. Mr. Obie felt the City Council <br /> should not be asked to sit down with just one member of the Lane <br /> County Commissioners, and noted the agenda length might entail a <br />e four-day session. He would like to have those comments communicated <br /> to Commissioner Rust. <br /> Manager said there were alternatives being explored by staff and <br /> options would be presented to Council at next week1s meeting. Mr. <br /> Obie agreed to delay any communication to Commissioner Rust until <br /> Council discusses the issue then. <br /> F. Request to appoint taxi rate subcommittee of Council--Memo distri- <br /> buted. Manager reviewed memo in which taxi driver-owners of Dial <br /> Cab Company were requesting an increase in taxi cab rates. Staff <br /> felt it might be helpful to have a Council subcommittee to work <br /> with staff on these issues. <br /> Mr. Haws expressed feeling uncomfortable with dealing with regulat- <br /> ing rates and wondered if there was some other alternative. Manager <br /> said there was no requirement the City regulate these rates. Mr. Haws <br /> wondered if Council wanted to spend its time each year discussing <br /> ambulance and taxi rates, and whether it might be possible to set up a <br /> rate committee to deal with these issues. He wanted staff to present <br /> other alternatives. Manager said the time element was not necessarily <br /> critical, and if <br />e <br /> 10/12/77--3 <br /> 715 <br />