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<br />e "So this is a time of thanks and a time of challenge. Thanks for all the <br /> meetings and phone calls and notoriety you've borne for the sake of serving the <br /> community, and the challenge to continue to be our colleagues in leadership <br /> during the year ahead." <br /> The Mayor asked those in the audience who serve on boards and commissions to <br /> stand and be recognized. He thanked them, noting appreciation for what they <br /> have done. <br /> liThe second portion of my brief comments this evening is dealing with the <br /> council goals that most of you have either read, heard on the radio, or heard <br /> and seen on television, that we adopted several weeks ago. I would like to <br /> officially report them to the citizenry of the City. The high priority, number <br /> one on our list, was economic development and diversification. The second item <br /> was financial planning and management issues. The third item was downtown <br /> revitalization. The fourth was the relationship with EWES. Our fifth item is <br /> River Road/Santa Clara planning issues. Number six was the LCDC issues that are <br /> facing us in our update plan. Number seven was Performing Arts operations that <br /> will start next fall. Number 8 was city office space needs. Number nine was <br /> wastewater issues that we seem to be mired in the mud in. Number 10 was commun- <br /> ity service and relations.1I <br /> IIWe spent Thursday evening, all day Friday, and part of Saturday developing <br /> these goals. There were a lot of items that were discussed that are not repre- <br /> sented on this list of ten items here, but for one reason or another--perhaps <br />e the progress that was instigated several years ago had led us beyond the point <br /> of great concern--they do not appear here. But, it isn't that they're not <br /> important. These are just the priorities as the council could foresee them for <br /> the immediate future and those are the ones we would like basically to deal with <br /> in the next 12 months.1I <br /> lilt's important to note to those people who serve on the boards and commissions, <br /> that these are the council goals. In essence what we are talking about is <br /> getting ready for a better economic flavor in our community. The financial <br /> planning that we're talking about is a springboard from a year ago, when we <br /> adopted a budgeting process that most of us and the citizenry could understand. <br /> Then, everything else kind of molds together and fits into a nice package for <br /> all of us to deal with.1I <br /> "Regarding wastewater issues, we dealt with what we are going to do when the <br /> Federal government refuses to assist us in the funding process. I think part of <br /> that links in dealing with the River Road/Santa Clara issue. They all mingle <br /> together. II <br /> "Downtown revitalization has been a high priority in this community for an <br /> extended period of time, and now we are looking at additional businesses in that <br /> particular area. A year ago, housing in the downtown core area was a high <br /> priority and you will note that it is not on this list. That means that we're <br /> assuming that the staff is doing an excellent job, doing all that's possible for <br /> us to develop further housing units in the core area.1I <br />e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 26, 1981 Page 2 <br />