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<br />e "So, most of the issues, unfortunately, deal with money and most of us know that <br /> money is a difficult issue. I think with some additional planning and being <br /> aggressive, we will find that we will survive the unfortunate economic environ- <br /> ment that we currently live with. In the future, weill never have to be faced <br /> with such drastic reductions in payroll, and that, somehow or another, leads us <br /> all back to the fact that we want to have an ideal community with great liva- <br /> bility, and that, unfortunately, takes money. And so, in the next twelve <br /> months, you will hear lots of talk as we discuss and ramble through the basic <br /> processes of how we're going to do all the things that we want to do. An d, we <br /> invite you to participate at whatever level you feel comfortable with.1I <br /> Ms. Smith noted appreciation for the effort of staff, particularly Carol Baker, <br /> who organized and put the open house together. Also, she noted that the Eugene <br /> Action Forum assisted in the open house. Attendance tonight was much better than <br /> it was last year. One of the purposes of holding an open house is to have people <br /> participate by applying to serve on one the City's boards and commissions. <br /> Ms. Schue agreed that the open house this evening has been successful. Also, <br /> this afternoon there was an open house at Public Works Maintenance. It was very <br /> interesting and they are starting a fitness program for their employees to help <br /> prevent accidents and to work with those who need rehabilitation. <br /> Mr. Lindberg stated that he wanted to reinforce Mayor Keller's comments regarding <br /> council goals such as energy and housing, that have dropped off the list. Work <br /> continues on these items, and they are included in some of the other goals and <br /> are going well. <br />e Mr. Obie arrived at the meeting. <br /> II. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> A. Consideration of an Appeal of the Planning Director's Approval of a <br /> Minor Partition Located on the south side of Barber Drive, east of <br /> Dillard Road (Clarence Lee Peterson) (M 81-21) (memo, map, and <br /> background information distributed). <br /> Mr. Gleason introduced Kirk McKinley, Planning. <br /> Mr. McKinley stated that this minor partition request involves a panhandle <br /> modification which would create an additional lot from an existing lot. The <br /> lot as it exists now contains two residences, one on each proposed parcel. <br /> The Planning Department determined that the proposal met applicable land divi- <br /> sion criteria and approved the minor partition on June 22, 1981. That decision <br /> was appealed to the Planning Commission on the basis that the partition violated <br /> a deed restriction and a decree of summary judgment by the Circuit Court of Lane <br /> County restricting division of the parcel within the Skyline Park Estates <br /> subdivision. The Planning Commission denied the appeal after receiving the City <br /> Attorney's opinion which said the City would not be in contempt of court by <br /> approving the partition. The requested zoning is RA. <br />e <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 26, 1981 Page 3 <br />