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Mr. Kelly said he thought one of the main goals of the project was to combine all of the downtown City <br />services with the possible exception of the patrol function of the EPD. He wanted to receive something in <br />writing about why the police patrol would need to be on the ground floor if it did share the City Hall <br />complex. He recommended discussing with the Human Rights Commission (HRC) whether the police patrol <br />function should be consolidated or not. <br /> <br />Mr. Pryor preferred one of the whole-block designs because it gave more flexibility in design. He also <br />thought a symmetrical design would have a longer-lasting appeal. He expressed a preference for the Whole <br />Block 2 designs. If he had to choose a half-block option, he would pick Half Block 2. <br /> <br />Mayor Piercy liked the idea of the Park Blocks feeding into the building as well as the design element of <br />having light going through the space. She related that she had reviewed the feedback from the focus groups <br />and one thing that had come up was that having the police “front and center” was a problem. She said the <br />focus groups wanted the building to be inviting and for it to be “not just another building.” <br /> <br />Mayor Piercy also noted that the Rock N’ Rodeo site had allegedly been the former site of the Ku Klux Klan <br />headquarters. She felt it would be good to “reclaim it.” <br /> <br />Ms. Bettman asserted that one key issue was the site to locate the facility on. She agreed that some people <br />did not feel comfortable with a police presence. However, she did not think the answer to that was to <br />relegate the police to another location; rather, she wanted to integrate the police into the City Hall. She liked <br />the idea of symmetry because it would help people easily understand where to go to access services they <br />needed. The issue of whether it was a half-block or whole block was not paramount to her. She was more <br />concerned with the proposal to utilize the current City Hall site because of the added expense of demolition. <br />She supported using any of the half-block designs as long as patrol was included. <br /> <br />Mr. Penwell said one of the problems lay in finding the balance between the police presence with police <br />functionality. He agreed that one solution would be to place patrol on the third floor, but with the cars on a <br />lower level, it would require moving back and forth with equipment which could require a separate elevator. <br />He acknowledged that having too much police presence could be an issue. <br /> <br />Mr. Hacker said the designs the design team presented looked at the future building from the “pure <br />functionality aspects.” He indicated there would be some compromises. Mr. Cohen added that the <br />compromises would go in both directions because compromising efficiency could compromise accessibility, <br />as an example. <br /> <br />Mr. Poling indicated his preference for the Whole Block 2 and 3 designs. He believed that the police patrol <br />should be in the same location. He predicted that the same people who would complain about the police in <br />the City Hall would complain about the police having “their own little kingdom” in a different area. He said <br />the current police station location was “just another office entrance” and did not have a huge impact on the <br />City Hall. He liked the Whole Block 3B because of the open space around the facility. <br /> <br />Ms. Ortiz preferred the whole block designs. Her first choice was Whole Block 3C/D. She wanted some <br />continued police presence, but she did not think the patrol arm of the EPD needed to be there. She <br />questioned why the bulk of patrol should be downtown when it could have a facility that would meet its <br />needs elsewhere. She did not like the half-block designs because she felt the buildings were too imposing. <br />She commented that she liked the idea of a building that was connected to the future and to the past. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES—City Council October 18, 2006 Page 3 <br /> Workshop <br /> <br />