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Counell.lmet in,regular montfiiy <sessipn and was called to order by Mayor 0.0, <br /> <br />Peterson.~ Counollme~ present,.Walker,Parks,McAlister,Wi!loughby,Eosher,Kaldor, <br /> <br />Spangler and Quimby4 Minutes of Council .proceedings of }.(arch ll~,28th and 2kth were <br /> <br />re~d and approved. ~'- . <br /> <br /> An Ordinance l~y~ing assessments for the improvement of I[ig)~ Street from 5th · <br /> <br />Av. enue East or ~he Sgutherm Pacific Railway track l~orth %0 l~th Avem.~e Eas~ in the <br />City of ~.~gene re~(l~t!~e fir~t time l(eh 28,1921 w~ at thi~ time re~d ~he second <br />~(~vno%l~g~ing been given to propepty owner~ ~n<l the:-e b~t~ objections pre~onted <br />the h~ring w~ eonDinued co the co:moil meeting ~o be held Appil 2~th,1921. <br /> An ~i~noe le]vyi~ ~ssessmen~ for ~he lmprovemen~ of I[ig~ Stree~ from <br /> <br />Avenue East Not, th to~ 3rd Avenue, East in the City of Ek~gene continuing thence East or <br /> <br />3rd Avenue Each. to. Ferry Street continuing thence l~o~th on Ferry Street to the North- <br />erly Oi~y~ 41ml$s of ~the Oity. of Eugene which Ordinance. w~ introuducted and ret~d <br /> <br />the 1st time Hatch 28,1921 at this time w~~ re~d t~he second ~nd notice having been <br />given bhab obJeobio~ls sh~ll~ be heard ab this time, ob.~otions were called for. <br />Lee.(~oetchlns, Nrs.N,D,~Jeffers, Nfs.Ham, G.N.R~Brookert and several others appeared <br />in person b$Ore the Council and presented their verbal protest a~a.lnsb levying the <br /> <br />assessment proposed In Said O~dlnanoe olalming the assessment to be to high. Attorney~ <br />C.~.ttard~ representing property owners on said Itigtt 3rd and Ferry Sbre.eb filed 2Y <br /> <br />separate signed written objections to the propo, sed Ordinance and the l~roposed asses~- <br />merit. Said ~yribten.obJeobions were· filed and considered by the Council. The Mayor .' <br />~nnounced that ~the heari~ would be continuined and the miter f~the~ considered <br /> <br /> S;R,Da~eP and~M~ H. Dam~e~ petitioned that they be permitted to pay the <br />assessment, in fron~ of : Beginnl~ ~ fee~ North of Sou$heas~ corner of ~o~ lO <br />Block l~ J~es Huddleston's Extended Addition thence North 50 fee~ being the No~th <br /> <br />feet of said Lob by paying the Street paving asseMsment in front thereof, $~1.~6 and <br />.that the .Treasurer be authorized bo cancel the a~sessment in front of said property. <br /> <br />Upon motion ib was so ordered, .~ <br /> <br />.__ Further consideration of bids for purchase of ~0 Fir9 I{Fdrants for t~$ Oit¥ of <br /> <br />Eugene was considered. 'll~e Fire and Water Co~ittee recommended .She bid of Gross <br />Brothers, Eugene, Oregon for $~0.00 for each hydrant. Upon motion the recommendation <br />of the Fire and Water Oommittee was adopted and the bid of Gross Brothers .accepted. <br /> <br /> Ohairman Mosher~ of the Fire and Water'Oommittee recommended that the City Re- <br /> co~der be authorized t9 purchase two books for the ~Eugene Fire Depart~ent "Fi. re <br /> <br />College Extension Course" "Fire Prevention Examlnatlo.n Insotruction" also the "Natu <br />~Tional Geographic ~ag~zine" and "Firemans tie,aid". Upon motion the reco~mmendation was. <br /> <br /> adop ted, <br /> <br /> <br />