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I petition signed by Fro,1 Weld,et. al. asking that the I~ire himi <br /> <br />ginning on corner of 7th Avenue West and Charnelton Street intoning East to the mid tl <br /> <br />of the ~block thence North to the alley adjacent to the Oregon Electric tracks We:{t <br /> <br />to Charnelton Stree$ was upon~motlon denied. <br /> <br />A petition was presented for improvement of Adams Stree~ fro~ 3rd Avenue West, <br /> <br />South to l~th Avenue West by grading the :zame between said points 2{~ foot in width <br />and graveling a 16 foot strip throtugh the center thereof. ~he petition was refers-ed <br />to the Street Co~ni~tee. <br /> <br />Harrie~ Billings presented a petition for a rooming house permit a~ No.508 <br /> <br />Willamette Street. Upon motion ~he permit was authorized to be issued. <br /> <br /> A petition to lower the sidewalk on the West side of Olive Street South from <br />20th Avenu.! West was presented asking that the 0ity lower the walk at its own expense <br />for the'reason theft the walk was built on a grade formerly given by a Oit¥ Engineer <br /> <br />and said w~lks being built at the expense of ~he property owners. Upon motion the <br /> <br />Oit¥ Engineer was directed to reconstruct said ~idewalk on proper, grade at the ow- <br /> <br />~pense of the ~i~Y~.~' ..... f~' :[,., <br /> <br /> ~R~e report of building In~}peotor, W, II. Alexande~ for l~arch 1921 was presented an<, <br /> <br />{ordered filed. <br /> <br /> ~e roper% of N.S. Wallis, expert auditor of Recorder and Treasurer's books, was <br />considered anti upon motion the report was adopted. ~ <br /> <br /> A com~nunelatlon from Wil!em~e~te Equipment co. Per,land,Oregon regardi~ a port- <br /> <br />able Paving Plant was read and ~rdered filed. <br /> <br />At this time bids were received anti considered for the grading anti graveling <br /> <br />.icl the alley be,~ween 5th an~l 6th Street from Jefferson and M~dison lhere wad <br />I only one bid received A.~.MA'thews for $1.~6.00."I~e bid was' referred ~e the RoAd and/ <br />Street' Committee to repor~ ~t once. the ~4~d~/and Street Co~nitgee reported favorable <br />'~p0n the bid of A.~.I~{~thews and upon motion the N~yor ~nd Olty Rec~order Were author~ <br /> <br />Izod to enter into contract for said improvements. · <br /> <br /> An Ordinance levyl~w$ assessment for the construction of a cement sidewalk abut- <br />ting the' property described in Section' 2 of this Ordinanc~ Eliza Beebo the owner was <br />read the second time and notice, having been given that objections would be heard at <br /> <br />this time. Objections were called for and none heard and no objections to said 0rdi' <br />narco having been filed the Ordinance was rea~ the 3rd time and placed upon its final <br />passage. ~e ~yes and n~ys were cmlled. Voting aye 8 nay none. The Ordinance was de~ <br />cl~r4 pa~sed and numbered 2638. <br /> <br /> ~e following0rdinances for ~xe conmtruction of cement sidewalk n~mely; <br /> <br />Heirsof John A. and Evaline Wright, <br />O.W. Axetell <br />O.W. Axetell and Eliza M. Axetell . <br /> <br /> <br />