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RESOLUTION NO. 5082 <br />A RESOLUTION CALLING A CITY ELECTION ON MAY 21, 2013, FOR <br />THE PURPOSE OF REFERRING TO THE LEGAL ELECTORS OF THE <br />CITY OF EUGENE AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING IMPOSITION OF <br />A CITY SERVICE FEE TO FUND PUBLIC SAFETY, HOMELESS AND <br />BASIC HUMAN SERVICES AND CORE QUALITY OF LIFE SERVICES. <br />The City Council of the City of Eugene finds as follows: <br />A. The City of Eugene has continued to experience the distressing effects of the <br />severe economic recession that began in 2008. Because of the depressed economy, the City <br />received significantly less revenue from property taxes than projected. As a result, the City is <br />anticipating a $6 million annual General Fund budget gap over the next several years. <br />B. Over the past four years, the City Council and staff have driven down costs in <br />order to balance the budget without increasing taxes. The City has already cut $24 million from <br />the General Fund budget (about 20 %) over the past four years; eliminated more than 100 full - <br />time positions; and maintained reasonable reserves to address unexpected impacts. <br />C. Cutting an additional $6 million from the budget, on top of the $24 million that <br />has already been cut, will require reducing or eliminating important city services. The city <br />manager will propose approximately $1 million of additional cost saving reductions in the FY14 <br />Proposed Budget. Due to the impact that an additional $5 million of reductions would have on <br />the public, the city manager proposed for the first time that additional funds be raised in order to <br />avoid having to make all of those reductions. Unless there is additional revenue for the fiscal <br />year that begins July 1, 2013 (FY14), the city manager's proposed budget will provide for the <br />reduction, elimination or closure of the services and facilities listed below; if there is additional <br />revenue, the proposed FY14 budget will include funding for these services. The dollars <br />associated with each item are the approximate costs in FY14. <br />Fire Company at Station #2 <br />$0.7 million <br />Branch Library at Sheldon <br />$0.3 million <br />Police Investigations <br />$0.4 <br />Branch Library at Bethel <br />$0.3 <br />2nd Cahoots Van <br />$0.3 <br />Downtown Library One Day a Week <br />$0.5 <br />Teen Court Program <br />$0.1 <br />Sheldon Pool <br />$0.4 <br />Human Services Commission <br />Equity, Human Rights, Neighborhoods <br />Discretionary Funding <br />$0.5 <br />& Sustainability <br />$0.8 <br />Looking Glass - Station 7 <br />$0.1 <br />Recreation Programs & Services <br />$0.3 <br />Neighborhood Park Restrooms <br />$0.1 <br />Parks Maintenance <br />$0.5 <br />Total $5.3 million <br />Resolution - Page 1 of 3 <br />