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D. The City Council has determined that the voters should be given the choice of <br />providing additional revenue to the city in the form of a monthly city service fee, or alternatively, <br />reducing or eliminating certain city services and facilities. The City Council therefore is <br />referring to the voters the proposed ordinance attached as Exhibit A. If approved by the voters, <br />the city service fee would have the following components: <br />• Fee set by City Council at time of budget, and can only be adjusted by Council <br />• Flat fee capped at $10 per month for residential property and 44 and Bethel <br />schools, and $30 per month for other non - residential property <br />• Any increase in the $10 and $30 caps would require voter approval <br />• Council must provide assistance program for low income individuals <br />• All dwellings and businesses in Eugene would be subject to the fee <br />• Funds raised by the fee would be limited to paying for fire and police service, <br />homeless and basic human services and core quality of life services such as <br />libraries, parks and pools <br />• Annual oversight committee would review expenditures to ensure they were <br />consistent with limitations <br />• Council would review the fee after five years to determine whether the fee should <br />be revised or terminated <br />E. The city manager will seek to bill and collect the fee in a cost effective and <br />efficient manner. If the city manager can contract with the Eugene Water & Electric Board to <br />bill and collect the fee, the fee will be included on the bill for sewer services. If the city <br />manager is unable to contract with EWEB, then the city manager will develop another effective <br />and efficient mechanism for the billing and collection of the fee. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, based upon the above findings, <br />BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EUGENE, a <br />Municipal Corporation of the State of Oregon, as follows: <br />Section 1 . Pursuant to the authority of subsection (3) of Section 2.971 of the Eugene <br />Code, 1971, a city election is called for the purpose of referring to the legal electors of the City <br />of Eugene an ordinance authorizing imposition of a city service fee. The proposed ordinance is <br />attached to this Resolution as Exhibit A. <br />Section 2 . The City Council orders this special election be held in the City of <br />Eugene, Oregon, on the 21" of May, 2013, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 254 of <br />the Oregon Revised Statutes, and the ballots shall be counted and tabulated and the results <br />certified as provided by law. <br />Section 3 . The City Recorder is directed to give not less than ten days' notice of the <br />city election by publication of one notice in the Register Guard, a newspaper published in the <br />City and of general circulation within the City. <br />Resolution - Page 2 of 3 <br />