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<br /> MINUTES <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> COUNCIL CHAMBER NOVEMBER 27, 1973 <br /> . Adjourned meeting of the Common Council of the city of Eugene, Oregon - adjourned from the <br /> meeting held on November 26, 1973 - was called to order at 7:30 p.m. on November 27, 1973 <br /> in the Council Chamber by.His Honor Mayor Lester E.Anderson with following council members <br /> present: Mrs. Beal, Mr. Williams. and Mr. Hershner, Mrs. Campbell, and Messrs. Keller, Murray, <br /> and Wood. Councilman McDonald was absent. .. <br /> I - Public Hearing - Proposed Amendment to Human Rights Ordinance re: Sexual Preference <br /> Mayor Anderson outlined procedure for conduct of the hearing and emphasized that action <br /> at this meeting was not mandatory. Purpose was to hear testimony with regard to the <br /> proposed amendment. <br /> Human Rights Commission, acting upon a request from the Gay People's Alliance and a <br /> subcommittee study report, recommended amending the human rights ordinance to include <br /> sexual orientation as one of the provisions to be protected against discrimination <br /> in the areas of housing, employment, and public accommodation. The ordinance now <br /> covers race, color, religion, sex, and national origin. The Council on June 25, 1973 <br /> delayed pUblic hearing until fall because many of the interested parties were out <br /> of the City during the summer. An ordinance was prepared and previously distributed <br /> to Council members which would effect the amendment. Manager explained that the words <br /> . "Sexual preference" were used .because of the City Attorney's determination that that <br /> term would be more definable than "sexual orientation." He read the definition as <br /> included in the proposed ordinance. He noted that violation of any provisions of the <br /> ordinance would constitute a misdemeanor, .and read portions of the ordinance covering <br /> what would be considered discrimination on the basis of sexual preference. <br /> It was"'noted that Council also previously received copies of the Human Rights Commission <br /> subcommittee report plus statement of reasons for the report, and petitions and letters <br /> on both sides of the issue. City Attorney's memo was distributed regarding structure <br /> of the ordinance and comments regarding its enforceability and administration. <br /> David Jordan, chairman of the Human Rights Commission, reviewed work of the Commission's <br /> subcommittee and public hearing before the Commission early in 1973 at which a great <br /> deal of testimony was heard. The Commission recommended the amendment, he said, realiz- <br /> ing that discrimination does exist against persons identified as homosexuals, and that <br /> it is unwanted and unjust. He said the Commission feels everyone should have the right <br /> to live one's life without fear of harrassment or discrimination. He urged adoption <br /> of the amendment. <br /> Ann Woeste, chairman of the subcommittee of the Commission, related knowledge of the <br /> type of discrimination gained from the study and noted the delay in hearing had given <br /> opportunity for community education on the subject. She mentioned that open testimony <br /> ~--. given mostly by young people in a way pointed up the problem. Older people reserved <br /> . <br /> comments about discrimination for fear of ostracism. They felt the discrimination would <br /> be too great to allow open testimony, and the fact that they had no legal recourse made <br /> it apparent the City does have a problem, she said. She added that identification of <br /> people in the of sexual preference was irrelevant to whether they would be good <br /> employes or tenants. <br /> Public hearing was opened. <br /> Speaking in favor of the proposed amendment were: <br /> Dominic Vetrie, Gap Road, Brownsville - Associated professor of law at the University <br /> of Oregon and member of ACLU, but speaking as a private citizen. <br /> Larry Monical, chairman of the Gay People's Alliance, 310 East 14th Avenue <br /> Andy Thompson, 489 East 19th Avenue, Apt.2 <br /> Linda Gummow, 506 West Centennial, Springfield - Assistant professor of psychology <br /> Nancy Dreg, 1997 West 12th Avenue - Lane County Mental Health <br /> Chad Rudolph, 1085 Patterson Street <br /> William Halseth, 585 East 19th Avenue <br /> Jerry. Harris, 1360 West 13th Avenue - Instructor at the University of Oregon <br /> Robert Swain, 190 East 29th Avenue - Unitarian minister <br /> . George Bryson, 1065~ East 20th Avenue <br /> I James Clay, 1360 West 13th Avenue <br /> George NicOla, 1552 North Prescott, Portland - Co-ordinator for Oregon Political Caucus <br /> Randolph Bourne, 737 East 16th Avenue, Apt. 11 <br /> John Damon, 1490 West 4th Avenue <br /> Jean M. Santos, 949 West 13th Avenue <br /> Ardy Dunn, 2240 Patterson Street, Apt. 1 <br /> Wendy Johnsperg, 934 West 4th Avenue <br /> .;; <br /> 3bL. ~ 11/27/73 ;.. 1 <br />