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Laurelhill Neighborhood Growth Plan <br />Proposed to the Eugene City Council by the Laurel Hill Citi~ens Association <br />February - March, 1974. <br /> <br />Mayor Anderson reported agreement re?'~hed between the Council sUD-:ommittee <br />(Anderson, Williams, Beal) a:J.d L3.\:1'0J.. H::'ll Associatjol1 CTl substance of the <br />Plan. A redraft will be brought baCk 1:0 Council with a. "do pass" recommendation. <br /> <br />Manager states a committee had been appointed to work with the Laurel Hill <br />people to address questions raised as to the wording of the proposed plan. <br />After several meetings a resolution has been developed to adopt the plan as <br />reworded. <br /> <br />, <br />Mayor Anderson said the committee, consisting of Council members Beal and <br />Williams, representatives of Laurel Hill and himself, met several times. The <br />committee had been charged with making certain changes which would reflect more <br />clearly what the policy of the City would be. In making editorial changes, the <br />committee tried to follow the terminology contained in the Community Goals. Also, <br />the' general terms "neighborhood association" and "residents of the neighborhood" <br />were used, since the Laurel Hill Citizens Association could some day be replace~ <br />by another group. Thirdly, the introduction was omitted, since it was a letter <br />of transmittal from the Blanning Commission and has no place in the permanent <br />document. Fourthly, the word "acknowledgment" was substituted for "recognition" <br />to connote receipt of the total plan, and the policies were assembled eeparat.e;Ly <br />for formal adopt ion by the council. <br /> <br />..) <br /> <br /> <br />The only substantive changes were in I.a., where provision for controlled income <br />and rent housing was made" on the advice of the city attorney; in Lb., where <br />approval of apartment complexes was made contingent upon feasibility of providing <br />services; the same change was made in 1.3. On Page 3 (of the policy document) <br />under 11.2., the IDrds, "except as necessary to serve the valley residents' were <br />added to the prohibition against arterials" and in II. 3. " access to the valley <br />was allowed as necessary for serving the valley, in order not to deny access <br />where needed for desireable development. In V., p. 4, wording was changed to <br />make more clear the responsibility of the' city ',:to keep the neighborhood informed <br />of proposals involving the valley, and to make clear the funding limitations on <br />city assistance. . <br /> <br />.~~ <br />~ <br /> <br />Lastly, the words "Growth" and "Refinement" were dropped from the title in the <br />belief that a plan is necessary to a community irrespective of growth or the <br />existence of a larger plan. <br /> <br />Public hearing was held with no testimony presented. <br /> <br />Manager expressed appreciation to the Laurel Hill citizens, the committee and <br />Mrs. Rutter. <br /> <br />It was pointed out that the responsibilities of the neighborhood organizations <br />are spelled out quite clearly in the neighborhood organization charter. They <br />are boards formulated to reflect the attitudes and interests of people in a <br />particular area and to work ,with the council and give elected officials a closer <br />view. <br /> <br />From a staff standpoint, there has been concern that spokesmen from neighborhood <br />organizations be selected by an established screening process and that they <br />continue to maintain validity as spokesmen. At the present time the role of a <br />neighborhood organization is advisory, but the city has indicated an obligation <br />to submit to neighborhood spokesmen those kinds of actions which are coming before <br />the Council and Planning Commission, so there will be an opportunity for the <br />organization to react to those proposals. A responsibility exists to give groups <br />a chance to assist in the decision-making process, but the final decisions of <br />course lie with the Planning Commiss! on and Council. <br /> <br />;,.,.. <br /> <br /> <br />4/22/74 - 1 <br /> <br />, <br /> <br /> <br />_ .i'..;::....,.. <br /> <br />1\ a...~l: <br />. dc,' _ _""'~ <br />