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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> e Eugene City Council <br /> City Council Chamber <br /> October 27, 1986 <br /> 7:30 p.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Richard Hansen, Debra Ehrman, Emily Schue, Cynthia <br /> Wooten, Freeman Holmer, Ruth Bascom, Roger Rutan, <br /> Jeff Mill er. <br /> The adjourned meeting of October 15, 1986, of the City Council of the City <br /> of Eugene, Oregon, was called to order by His Honor Mayor Brian B. Obie. <br /> I. REPORT OF 1986 EUGENE SISTER CITY DELEGATION TO <br /> KAKEGAWA, JAPAN <br /> Mayor Obie said the 1986 Eugene Sister City delegation to Kakegawa, Japan, <br /> represented the City with flair, enthusisiam, and clarity. He introduced Ted <br /> Baker, chairperson of the Sister City Committee, who said the delegation left <br /> the United States on September 30, 1986, and returned on October 15, 1986. He <br /> said Mayor Obie and Mrs. Obie provided excellent leadership for the <br /> delegation. <br /> e Mr. Baker introduced delegation members Henry Rust, Hope Pressman, Karen Obie, <br /> and Gretchen Pierce. Mr. Rust discussed the meetings he, Vicki Dietmeyer, and <br /> Mayor Obie had with Japanese business people. Ms. Dietmeyer is Executive <br /> Director of the Metropolitan Partnership. Ms. Pressman discussed the <br /> delegation1s visit to the Kakegawa City Hall. She said Mayor Obie's speech to <br /> the Kakegawa City Council was enthusiastically received. Ms. Pierce discussed <br /> the establishment of a sister-school relationship between a Japanese middle <br /> school and Eugene's Shasta Middle School. Ms. Obie discussed her visit in the <br /> home of the Mayor of Kakegawa and his wife. <br /> Mr. Baker submitted a scrap book containing pictures of the trip and <br /> Ms. Pressman submi tted a copy of a Japanese newspaper article about the <br /> delegation to the council. Mr. Baker suggested the council watch a video tape <br /> of the delegation's visit some other time. He displayed framed, handmade <br /> copies of the Kakegawa and Eugene City emblems and a photograph of Mount Fuji <br /> that were gifts to the City of Eugene from the City of Kakegawa. He presented <br /> the gifts to Mayor Obie and said they symbolize gratitude for the delegation's <br /> visit and the sister city relationship. <br /> Mr. Baker said the sister city relationship has cultural and educational value <br /> and should be nurtured diligently by the City Council and the Sister City <br /> Committee. He said each delegation should have an official representative of <br /> the Mayor and council, each delegation should discuss economic development <br /> with the people of Kakegawa, and student, civic club, and other types of <br /> exchange programs between the two cities should be encouraged. <br /> e MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 27, 1986 Page 1 <br />