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<br /> M I NUT E S <br /> - Eugene City Council <br /> City Council Chamber <br /> July 13, 1983 <br /> 11:45 a.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Betty Smith, Freeman Holmer, Emily Schue, Dick Hansen, <br /> Mark Lindberg, John Ball (from 12:15 p.m.). <br /> COUNCILORS ABSENT: Brian Obie, Cynthia Wooten. <br /> Adjourned meeting of the City Council of the City of Eugene, Oregon, was <br /> called to order by His Honor Mayor Gus Keller. <br /> I. ITEMS FROM MAYOR AND COUNCIL: ANNOUNCEMENTS <br /> Mayor Keller announced that this was the last meeting for Francis Lynch, Public <br /> Service Officer, and thanked her for her service. He then introduced Jane <br /> Holloway who would be taking her place for the next six months. <br /> Mr. Gleason introduced Andrea Hulnick the new intern in the City Manager's <br /> office. <br /> e Mr. Gleason announced that Don Allen, Public Works Director, would be retiring <br /> in January after 34 years of service to the city, during which time the <br /> population of Eugene had tripled. He paid tribute to the work done by Mr. <br /> Allen in this time. <br /> Mr. Gleason announced that the City Council goal-setting session would be held <br /> October 28 and 29. <br /> Mr. Gleason announced that due to light agendas, the City Council meetings <br /> scheduled for July 20 and 27 had been canceled. <br /> Mr. Gleason noted that an item VIII would be added to the end of the agenda, <br /> Resolution 379l. <br /> Mr. Gleason noted that item VI, resolution initiating the Glenwood Jurisdictional <br /> Study, would be held over to a future meeting. <br /> II. ROUTINE ITEM FOR COUNCIL APPROVAL: APPROVAL OF CITY COUNCIL MINUTES <br /> Ms. Schue moved, seconded by Ms. Smith, to approve the regular <br /> City Council meeting minutes of June 13, 1983, and June 15, 1983, <br /> and the dinner/work session minutes of June 13, 1983. <br /> Councilor Holmer asked that the dinner/work session minutes of June 13, 1983, be <br /> amended to show that Mr. Obie had been present. <br /> e Roll call vote; motion carried unanimously. <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council July 13, 1983 Page 1 <br />