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<br />. <br />- /- <br />.- <br /> M I NUT E S <br /> Joint City Council/4-J Board Meeting <br /> Studio A--Hilton Hotel <br />e September 14, 1983 <br /> 7:00 p.m. <br /> PRESENT: Cynthia Wooten, Freeman Holmer~ Richard Hanson, John Ball, Mark Lindberg <br /> City Councilors; Jack Billings, Michael Williams, Paul Harrison, Judy <br /> Mosley, James Jeppesen, Steve Robinson, Donna Kernutt, District 4-J <br /> School Board; Patrick Lynch, Ernie Drapela, City staff; Gay Campbell, <br /> Margaret Nichols, District 4-J staff; Micheal Gleason, City Manager; <br /> Terry Lindquist, Superintendent. <br /> I. I NTRODUCTI ONS <br /> Ms. Wooten, taking the place of Mayor Keller, said the purpose of the meeting <br /> was for the members and staff to become better acquainted, to examine ways in <br /> which they could cooperate on programs and resources, and to explore ways in <br /> which they can do those things more efficiently. She introduced the members of <br /> the City Council and staff. <br /> Mr. Gleason said he and Dr. Lindquist have worked together on zoning and leasing <br /> matters. The City has enjoyed the benefits of cooperation on Lincoln School. <br /> Mr. Gleason added that he and Dr. Lindquist were in a similiar tax situation. <br /> They are taking the same property tax. They have a list of problems and <br />e suggestions that could be explored together. <br /> Mr. Billings, chair of the school board, introduced the school board members, <br /> staff, and Dr. Lindquist. <br /> Dr. Lindquist thanked the City for inviting the school board for a mutual <br /> problem-solving session. He said their financial problems will continue, and it <br /> will take creativity and cooperation to overcome those problems. The institu- <br /> tions are supported by the same tax dollar from the same people. Dr. Li ndqui st <br /> supported discussion of issues such as: the future use of properties (Lincoln, <br /> Dunn, Monroe Street); community school program merged with the neighborhood <br /> program; use of a common grounds crew (parks and school yards often join); <br /> development of a common phone system; cooperation in purchasing; cooperation in <br /> future planning and acquisition. Dr. Lindquist urged members to put together a <br /> joint task force to report back to the board and council. <br /> II. CITY AND SCHOOL STAFF PRESENTATION <br /> Mr. Drapela showed slides of examples of city/school cooperation and shared <br /> resources. He gave out a draft copy of the Parks Plan and referred to pages <br /> 29 and 92. He said the schools now serve 25% of Eugene households. If the <br /> schools served leisure interests that figure could be 100%. Some of the <br /> cooperative achievements were: Sheldon, Monroe Middle, Patterson Elementary, <br /> Westmoreland, Jefferson, Laurel Hill Park and School, Parker, and South Eugene <br />e Hi gh School. <br /> MINUTES--Joint Ci ty Council / 4-J Board Meeti ng September 14, 1983 Page 1 <br />