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<br /> \ <br /> M I NUT E S <br /> ~.- <br /> e Joint Meeting of Eugene City Council and <br /> Oregon State Board of Higher Education <br /> University of Oregon--Gerlinger Lounge <br /> December 20, 1985 <br /> 7 a.m. <br /> PRESENT: Eugene Mayor Brian Obie; Chancellor William Davis; University <br /> President Paul Olum; Cynthia Wooten, Richard Hansen, Emily Schue, <br /> Freeman Holmer, Ruth Bascom, Roger Rutan, Councilors; Alvin Batiste, <br /> Robert Adams, John Alltucker, Gene Chao, Terrence Clark, David <br /> Crowell, Richard Hensley, Mildred Schwab, Board of Higher Education <br /> members; Southern Willamette Research Corridor Chairman Steve <br /> Burkett; Eugene City Manager Micheal Gleason; University Vice <br /> President Dan Williams; Executive Vice Chancellor William Lemmon; <br /> University Provost Richard Hill; Eugene Public Works Director <br /> Christine Andersen; Eugene Administrative Services Director Gary <br /> Long; Eugene Development Director Abe Farkas; Deputy Eugene Develop- <br /> ment Director Cathy Briner. <br /> I. WELCOME <br /> -- University of Oregon President Paul Olum welcomed the Eugene city councilors <br /> and Board of Higher Education members to the campus. He said the local <br /> governments and the University of Oregon share many common interests and a <br /> fine relationship now exists among the local governments and the State System <br /> of Higher Education. Examples of the good cooperation that exists are the <br /> priority given funding for higher education by the local governments during <br /> the recent legislative session and University of Oregon participation in the <br /> Metropolitan Partnership, the Riverfront Research Park, the Southern <br /> Willamette Research Corridor, and the local chambers of commerce. <br /> II. INTRODUCTION <br /> Eugene Mayor Obie introduced the city councilors and staff members present and <br /> Higher Education Board President Alvin Batiste introduced the board members <br /> present. Mayor Obie briefly reviewed the founding of the University of Oregon <br /> over 100 years ago and discussed the importance of community participation. <br /> Mr. Batiste said a committee of the board is studying research centers and <br /> board members expect to be able to respond to the organization of the <br /> Riverfront Research Park quickly. <br /> 1_ <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council and State Board of Higher Education <br /> December 20, 1985 Page 1 <br /> -- <br />