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<br /> .- <br /> e 'MINUTES <br /> Eugene City Council <br /> McNutt Room--Eugene City Hall <br /> September 25, 1991 <br /> 11:30 a.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Roger Rutan, Shawn Boles, Randy MacDonald, Paul <br /> Nicholson, and Kaye Robinette. <br /> COUNCILORS ABSENT: Ruth Bascom, Debra Ehrman, and Bobby Green. <br /> The adjourned meeting of September 23, .1991, of the Eugene City Council was <br /> ca 11 ed to order by Hi s Honor Mayor Jeff Mi 11 er. . . '. <br /> I. ITEMS FROM THE CITY COUNCIL, MAYOR,. AND CITY MANAGER <br /> A. E -Ma il <br /> . . <br /> Given the recent controversy over electronic mail in th~ City of Springfield, <br /> Mr. Boles asked that staff explore the possibility of filing all of council's <br /> e electronic mail in a central place that is accessible for public review. he <br /> requested a staff recommendation for how this might be accomplished. <br /> B. Eugene Celebration <br /> Mr. Boles requested that information on sales"Of the Eugene Celebration pin <br /> be forwarded to council next week. <br /> C. Downtown Mall Art <br /> Mr. Boles circulated a document on John Rose's Outdoor Art Program and asked <br /> PARCS to consider a cooperative agreement with ~ther patrons of the arts in <br /> the community to purchase one or more pieces of art for the downtown mall. <br /> D. Railroad Crossing Charges <br /> Mr. Boles said a constituent informed him of charges imposed on the private <br /> sector by railroads for crossing their rights-of-way. He felt the council <br /> should discuss those charges and adjust the charges that the City imposes <br /> accordingly. <br /> e MINUTES--Eugene City Council September 25, 1991 Page 1 <br />