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<br /> e M I NUT E S <br /> Eugene City Council <br /> McNutt Room--Eugene City Hall <br /> October 16, 1991 <br /> 11:30 a.m. <br /> COUNCILORS PRESENT: Roger Rutan, Shawn Boles, Ruth Bascom, Debra Ehrman, <br /> Bobby Green, Randy MacDonald, Paul Nicholson, and Kaye <br /> Robi nette. <br /> The adjourned meeting of October 14, 1991, of the Eugene City Council was <br /> called to order by His Honor Mayor Jeff Miller. <br /> 1. ITEMS FROM THE CITY COUNCIL, MAYOR, AND CITY MANAGER <br /> A. Urban Forest Management Plan <br /> Ms. Bascom reported that the Urban Forest Management Plan public hearing was <br /> held last week. The report was well received and one recommendation will be <br /> to continue voluntary compliance with the heritage tree program. <br /> e Mr. Boles' suggestion that the program become mandatory after the first vio- <br /> lation was not supported by the rest of the council. <br /> B. Ashland Promotion <br /> Ms. Bascom shared a promotional display touting the city of Ashland as a <br /> tourism destination point. The article appeared in an international newspa- <br /> per. She said this is the type of promotion Eugene could create. <br /> C. Golden Gardens <br /> Mr. MacDonald referred to a letter from a constituent to Ms. Bascom recom- <br /> mending Golden Gardens as an ideal site for a golf course and wondered if <br /> there had been a resolution in his absence. <br /> Mayor Miller recalled that the matter had been researched by staff and they <br /> also came to the same conclusion but funding precluded any such development <br /> of the park. Responding to Mr. MacDonald's inquiry about private interest in <br /> the development, Mayor Miller indicated that there may be interest, but de- <br /> velopment would also entail expansion of the urban growth boundary to enable <br /> a clubhouse and roads. <br /> e MINUTES--Eugene City Council October 16, 1991 Page 1 <br /> Lunch Work Session <br />