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<br />-- <br /> <br />(1401) <br /> <br />e <br /> <br />(1434 ) <br /> <br />'. <br /> <br />M I NUT E S <br />EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br />March 24,1975 <br /> <br />Adjnurned meeting - from the March 10, 1975 regular meeting - of the Common Council of <br />the city of Eugene, Oregon was called to order by His Honor Mayor Lester E. Anderson <br />at 7:30 p.m. on March 24, 1975 in the Council Chamber with the following Council members <br />present: Neil Murray, Gus Keller, Wickes Beal, Tom Williams, Ray Bradley, D.W.Hamel, <br />Eric Haws, and Edna Shirey. <br /> <br />I - Public Hearings . <br />A.' Vacation of West 2nd Avenue between Jefferson Street and Madison Street <br />(Jongeward/Howard)(SV 74-7) <br /> <br />Recommended by the Planfiing Commission on January 13, 1975. Assistant Manager <br />noted there were no staff objections to the vacation. The petitioner, however, <br />did not agree with the appraisal of the property's value and staff recommended <br />holding approval of the vacating ordinance until agreement on the value was <br />reached. <br /> <br />Public hearing was held with no testimony presented. <br /> <br />Council Bill No. 760 - Vacating West 2nd Avenue between Jefferson Street <br />and Madison Street was read by council bill number <br />and title only, there being no Council member present requesting that it <br />be read in full. <br /> <br />Mr. Murray moved second by Mr. Keller that the bill be held pending <br />negotiation on value of land to be vacated. <br /> <br />In response to Councilman Bradley, Assistant Manager said the vacation was peti- <br />tioned by the owner of abutting property and that the area to be vacated was un- <br />improved right-of-way not being used. <br /> <br />Vote was taken on the motion as stated. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> <br />B. Appeal from Planning Commission decision on minor subdivision on south side <br />of East 43rd Avenue about 750 feet east of Dillard Road (Zdroy)(M 74-26) <br /> <br />Conditions of approval were sustained by the Planning Commission on February 4,1975 <br />on appeal by the applicant. The applicant objected to the requirement for 25-foot <br />right-of-way dedication along the south side of the development to allow for future <br />development to the south. Copies of memo (February 21, 1975) from the planning <br />department setting out the conditions of approval were previously distributed to <br />Council members. <br /> <br />Mr. Murray moved seconded by Mr. Williams to schedule public hearing COIDm <br />on the appeal for the March 24, 1975 Council meeting, with the under- 3/19/75 <br />standing that testimony would be limited. Motion carried unanimously. PubHrng <br /> <br />Planning Commission on February 4, 1975 sustained conditions of approval (see <br />committee minutes above). Council viewed the property on tour. Gary Chenkin, <br />assistant planning director, explained that the 25-foot dedication was a re- <br />quirement frequently established as a condition to approval of subdividsion of <br />land to provide proper access to adjacent properties in undeveloped areas. <br /> <br />No ex parte contacts or other conflicts of interest were declared by Council <br />members. Planning staff notes and minutes of February 4, 1975 were made a part <br />of this record by reference thereto. <br /> <br />Public hearing was opened. <br /> <br />3/24/75 - 1 <br /> <br />131 <br />