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<br /> >. M I NUT E S <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> October 25, 1978 <br /> e <br /> Adjourned meeting _ from October 23, 1978, of the City Council of the <br /> City of Eugene, Oregon~ was called to order by His HQnor t4ayor Gus Keller, <br /> 11:30 a.m., October 25, 1978, at King's Table, Oakway Mall, with the following <br /> Councilors present: D. W. Hamel, Ray Bradley (arrived late), Tom Williams, <br /> Eric Haws (arrived late), Jack Delay, Scott Lieuallen, Brian Obie, and <br /> Betty Smi th. <br /> I. ITEMS FROM MAYOR AND COUNCIL <br /> A. Code Revisions--Jack Delay requested status of possible code revisions <br /> regarding Mom and Pop grocery stores, and requirements for bike-storage <br /> facilities in new construction. John Porter, Planning Director, said <br /> the Budget Committee had deleted Code amendments from its list of <br /> priorities, so work had not been done directly on those. However, he <br /> said the Mom and Pop Grocery Store Amendment is a recommendation in the <br /> Westside Downtown Report. If Council wished, it could designate that <br /> as a priority item. <br /> B. Cosmetic Improvement of West 11th--Mr. Obie recognized the variety <br /> of industrial businesses alung West 11th, indicating it was somewhat <br /> of an eyesore. He requested possible development of a program to <br /> e extend street-tree planting out to the city limits on both sides of <br /> West 11th as a cosmetic improvement. He requested the Council's <br /> opinion as to whether this was an item which should be pursued. <br /> Mr. Lieuallen agreed the appearance needed to be improved. He <br /> wondered if the business people in that area would be interested in <br /> supporting the program. He felt total City support of such a program <br /> would create a financial problem. Mr. Obie recognized there was not a <br /> uniform organization of the business people in the area. He wondered <br /> if staff could investigate the possible support of the business <br /> people. <br /> In response to a question from Betty Smith, Ed Smith, Parks Director, <br /> said such a program would have to be considered in the work program <br /> for next year. That work program could assess the problem and alter- <br /> native solutions. <br /> Don Allen, Public Works Director, noted a serious, problem for Councir.~ <br /> With the adoption of the T-2000 Plan, the Amazon Parkway had been <br /> eliminated. The existing area of We~t 11th between Chambers and <br /> Seneca needs major reconstruction as it is not up to standards. <br /> - 10/25/78--1 <br /> bct, <br /> .~~. '. ........'___+....~'4. .. _"_" . .- .' .-.... ...-..-.-.-...,.....',. ....""., ... ',' '''-'-''. . ..--:.....,.... -" -'-".- -- '-.-_.. -..- .~. ...---.-.- ,-~, -"'.....~--"...- <br />