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<br /> -----_.+~ .- ~ "-~ ". ._.-.....~~--- --~-~........_.~. - .~._.""'~. . --._-....~..~._...--~- .,-~ ~, <br /> (e M I NUT E S <br /> EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br /> December 5, 1979 <br /> Adjourned meeting from November 28, 1979, of the City Council of the City of <br /> Eugene, Oregon, was called to order by His Honor Mayor Gus Keller, at 11:45 a.m., <br /> December 5, 1979, Council Chambers, with the following Councilors present: Jack <br /> Delay, Betty Smith, D. W. Hamel, Eric Haws, Scott Lieuallen, Brian Obie, <br /> Gretchen Miller, and Emily Schue. <br /> I. ITEMS FROM MAYOR AND COUNCIL, APPOINTMENTS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, AGENDA ADJUSTMENTS <br /> A. Tri-Agency Policy Board Meeting--Mr. Lieuallen reported on a recent <br /> meeting of the Tri-Agency Policy Board, and memos have been distributed <br /> to the Council. He reviewed some of the newly implemented policies <br /> which give highest priority to more aggressive enforcement and public <br /> education and licensing program. They will be prioritizing their calls <br /> and will also reduce the number of times animals will be picked up at <br /> one1s residence. The Agency has initiated what they call a "blitzing" <br /> program, designed to catch offenders, by having officers in designated <br /> areas at unannounced times. Assistant Manager mentioned that if <br /> Councilors incurred complaints and problems, that they should contact <br /> (e the flak catcher, himself, or Mr. Lieuallen. Mr. Delay mentioned that <br /> there has been a tremendous improvement in the Tri-Agency operation <br /> and he supports the new concept. Mrs. Smith wondered if copies could <br /> be made available to Council showing areas that Tri-Agency intends to <br /> s ta rt blitz i ng . Mr. Martin responded that the entire County will be <br /> blitzed with some equality. A minimum of forewarning as to which <br /> areas will be blitzed provides more opportunity for catching offenders. <br /> Mr. Lieuallen also mentioned that the Policy Board will be dealing <br /> with altering the bail schedule. Also discussed was the idea of <br /> whether the Agency should be under the jurisdiction of one government <br /> entity. The Board agreed that that item would be put on a back burner <br /> while attention is given to other more pressing matters. As to the <br /> blitzing program, officials will be zeroing in on target times when <br /> dogs are usually running at large. The remainder of the day will be <br /> spent on educational efforts. <br /> Mayor asked whether there have been any proposals on dealing with the <br /> large amount of people who give away their animals. Mr. Mart in <br /> responded that a possible breeding tax is still being considered. <br /> Mr. Delay added that a new ordinance could provide consistency <br /> between the jurisdictions and thereby increase efficiency. <br /> B. Budget Committee Recommendation--Mrs. Smith recommended that Boyd <br /> Engelcke be reappointed to the Budget Committee for a term ending <br /> December 31, 1982. <br /> - <br /> (_ Mr. Delay moved, seconded by Mr. Lieuallen, to reappoint Boyd <br /> Engelcke to the Budget Committee. Motion carried unanimously. <br /> 12/5/79--1 <br /> fa '-10 <br />