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<br /> , <br /> M I NUT E S <br /> Eugene City Council <br />e September 22, 1980 <br /> Adjourned meeting of the City Council of the City of Eugene, Oregon, was called <br /> to order at 7:30 p.m., September 22, 1980, by His Honor Mayor Gus Keller in the <br /> City Council Chamber, with the following councilors present: Betty Smith, Scott <br /> Lieuallen, Brian Obie, Eric Haws, D. W. Hamel, Gretchen Miller, and Emily <br /> Schue. Councilor Jack Delay was absent. <br /> 1. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> A. Concurrent Annexation/Rezoning <br /> 1. Property located on the east side of Laurel Hill Drive, south of <br /> Chandler Street from County AGT Agricultural, Grazing, and Timber- <br /> Raising to City RA Suburban Residential District (Max Ansola) <br /> (A/Z 80-3) (map distributed) <br /> Mr. Henry stated that this annexation/rezoning was heard before the <br /> Planning Commission on August 5, 1980, and they recommended approval <br /> with a 5:0 vote. He introduced Jim Croteau, Planning Department, to <br /> provide additional information. <br />e Mr. Croteau stated that Tax Lot 301 is occupied by a single-family <br /> residence and is AGT-zoned. The application has been reviewed in <br /> regard to the LCDC Statewide Goals and Guidelines and to the Metro- <br /> politan Plan, and it is within the urban growth boundary. <br /> No ex parte contacts or conflicts of interest were noted. Staff notes <br /> and minutes were entered into the record. <br /> Public hearing was opened. - <br /> Max Ansola, 2166 Elysium, stated that he agrees with the staff report <br /> and would answer any questions. <br /> There being no further testimony, public hearing was closed. <br /> Res. No. 3419--A resolution forwarding recommendation to the Boundary <br /> Commission for annexation of property located on the east <br /> side of Laurel Hill Drive, south of Chandler Street to the <br /> city of Eugene and Lane County Metropolitan Wastewater <br /> Service District. <br />e <br /> 9/22/80--1 <br />