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<br /> , <br /> ." <br /> M I NUT E S <br /> e Euqene City Council <br /> City Counc il Chamber <br /> October 13. 1980 <br /> 7:30 p~m. <br /> PRESENT~ , Councilors Retty Smith. Scott Lieuallen. Brian Obie. Jack nelav, <br /> , Gretchen Miller', and Emily Schue. Councilors Eric Haws. and 0'. W. <br /> Hamel were absent. <br /> Reqular meeting of the City Council of the City of Euoene, Oreoon. was called to <br /> order by His Honor Mayor Gus Keller. <br /> I. ANNOUNCEMENTS <br /> Mr. Lieuallen stated that Mayor Keller has aqreed to assist in the resolution of <br /> the nurses' strike at Sacred Heart Hospital. He requested that on Wednesday, <br /> the council consider supportinq a proposal to have an outside panel act as <br /> facilitators so that aqreement can be reached. <br /> Mayor Keller requested that councilors submit the ooal settinq questionnaire to <br /> the City Manaqer's Office by Wednesday mornino. <br /> e Mayor Keller stated that the Citizen Involvement Committee has prepared question- <br /> naires which are being distributed at the council meeting. He requested that <br /> the public complete these questionnaires. The questionnaire is an effort to <br /> make certain that the process reoardinq land use planninq allows input into the <br /> decision makinq process. <br /> II. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> A. CONCURRENT ANNEXATION/REZONING <br /> 1. Property located east of Gilham Road, east and southeast of the <br /> eastern terminus of Ayres Road from County AGT' Aqricultural. <br /> Grazinq, and Timber-Raisinq District to City R-1 Low-Density <br /> Residential District and application of Residential Siqn District. <br /> (Wester/Arabian) (AZ 80-4) (map distributed) ~-----_.- <br /> Mr. Henry stated that this request includes 'approximately 52 acres and is a <br /> request for annexation to the City and the Metropolitan Wastewater Service <br /> District and a chanqe of the zoninq from Count v AGT to City R-l. This was <br /> approved by the Planning Commission on September 2, 1980, with a 7:0 vote. He <br /> introduced Mary Briqqs, Planninq, to provide additional information. <br /> e <br /> - - <br /> MINUTES--Euqene City Council October 13, 1980 P aoe 1 <br />