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RESOLUTION N0. 1 40 1 9 <br />A RESOLUTION ADOPTING A LIMITED NEIGHBORHOOD RECOGNITION <br />POLICY FOR ORGANIZATIONS IN THE RIVER ROAD, SANTA CLARA, <br />AND GLENWOOD AREAS. <br />The City Council of the City of Eugene finds that: <br />r <br />The City's adopted Neighborhood Organization Recognition Policy is <br />applicable only to those organizations representing specific geographic <br />areas within the City limits. <br />Many issues in which the City is involved such as land use planning, <br />annexation policies, and the contemplated transfer by the County to the City <br />of planning and building permit processing for certain areas outside the City <br />limits have an impact on and are of special interest to residents of the <br />River Road, Santa Clara and Glenwood areas. <br />City staff has therefore worked with community organizations in these <br />areas over the past few months and has arranged meetings and provided infor- <br />mation on several issues of concern to citizens of the areas. Leaders of <br />the River Road, Santa Clara, and Glenwood community organizations are cur- <br />rently receiving the weekly neighborhood leaders mail out from the Neighbor- <br />hood Liaison Office containing council agenda and action summaries, agendas <br />and minutes from the Neighborhood Leaders meetings, newsletters from neigh- <br />borhood groups, and special information on city projects and programs. The <br />leaders of these community organizations are also listed on the neighborhood <br />leaders mailing list that is distributed to all city departments so that <br />they also receive direct mailings from city departments, <br />As a result of these informal actions, the Glenwood Community Organiza- <br />tion was instrumental in recruiting citizens to work on the Glenwood Refine- <br />ment Plan, and the River Road and Santa Clara Community Organizations have <br />Resolution - 1 <br />