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<br />Memorandum Date: September 20, 2016 <br />Board of County Commissioners and Eugene City Council <br />TO: <br />DEPARTMENTS: County Administration <br />City Manager’s Office <br />PRESENTED BY: Greg Rikhoff, Lane County Operations Director <br />Sarah Medary, Assistant City Manager <br />REPORT/ UPDATE ON THE JOINT TASK FORCE ON <br />AGENDA ITEM TITLE: <br />COORDINATED DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT <br />I.AGENDA ITEM SUMMARY <br />This report is an update on the work of the Staff Task Force on Coordinated Downtown <br />Development. <br />II. <br />BACKGROUND <br />On July 14, 2016, the Board of County Commissioners and Eugene City Council held a joint <br />session to provide an update on several planned projects in downtown Eugene and to discuss <br />the potential for collaboration on the development of a renewed civic center. On July 18, <br />2016, the Eugene City Council approved a motion to direct the City Manager to work with <br />the County and the Court to investigate the following possibilities: (1) a new City Hall on <br />the Butterfly Lot and a Courthouse on the full City Hall block; (2) Phase 1 of a new City Hall <br />as currently planned and a wrap-around Courthouse; (3) other options that may arise. The <br />motion also cited factors to consider, including but not limited to parking, City Hall Phase 2 <br />and farmer’s market. Further, Council directed that the work with the County and Court shall <br />be completed by November 15, 2016. Following this action by the Council, the Board of <br />County Commissioners provided similar direction to the County Administrator during its <br />July 19, 2016 meeting. Since that time, City and County staff have been meeting to fulfill <br />the direction of each of the elected bodies. <br />III. <br />WORK TO DATE <br />County and City staff have been meeting regularly to identify the team and agreements <br />necessary to fulfill the direction given by the Board and Council. The work began with <br />Page 1 of 4 <br />S160920-JEO.docx <br /> <br />