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EUGENE CITY COUNCIL <br />AGENDA ITEM SUMMARY <br /> <br /> Initiation of Metro Plan Amendment to Swap Residential Land Inside and Outside the <br /> Urban Growth Boundary and Add 77 Additional Acres to the Urban Growth Boundary <br /> for a Community Park for Santa Clara <br /> <br />Meeting Date: June 14, 2004 Agenda Item Number: 2D <br />Department: Public Works Staff Contact: Andrea G. Riner <br />www. cl. eugene, or. us Contact Telephone Number: 682-4909 <br /> <br />AGENDA ITEM SUMMARY <br />This is a joint request from the private property owners, the McDougals, and the City of Eugene Parks <br />and Open Space Division, to initiate a Metro Plan amendment. The purpose of the Metro Plan <br />amendment is to remove from the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) 120 acres of residential land in the <br />Laurel Hill Valley, and to add to the UGB in the Santa Clara area 120 acres of land for residential and <br />neighborhood commercial development and an additional 77 acres of land to be donated to the City for <br />parks and open space. <br /> <br />BACKGROUND <br />The property owners and Parks and Open Space Division request that the City Council initiate a metro <br />plan amendment. The metro plan amendment would involve revising the UGB to include 197 acres of <br />rural land in northwest Santa Clara and to remove 120 acres of forested land in southeast Eugene in the <br />Laurel Hill Valley. Both of these properties are currently owned by the McDougals or their foundations. <br />The difference in acreage, 77 acres, would be donated to the City of Eugene for use as a community <br />park to serve Santa Clara (see Attachment A). In addition, a purchase agreement is in place for the <br />Parks and Open Space Division to obtain a conservation easement over 130 acres of the Laurel Hill site <br />(see Attachment B). <br /> <br />The only issue for the council at this time is whether it is willing to initiate the process. If it is, then <br />additional analysis will be performed, followed by a joint public hearing with the Eugene and Lane <br />County planning commissions. In addition, it is possible that Springfield will also participate. <br />Following the joint public hearing, the planning commissions will make recommendations. A joint <br />public hearing will then occur with the City Council and Board of Commissioners (as well as <br />Springfield Council if it chooses to participate). Following that public hearing, the City Council will be <br />asked to make a decision. <br /> <br />Council Action History <br />This project was presented to the council at its November 24, 2003, work session. The council held an <br />executive session previously to discuss the acquisition and proposed land swap. <br /> <br />Policy Issues <br />Should the City initiate a Metro Plan amendment to revise the UGB by swapping 120 acres of <br />residential land and by adding an additional 77 acres of land for park and open space purposes? The <br /> <br /> L:\CMO\2004 Council Agendas\M040614\S0406142E.doc <br /> <br /> <br />