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MINUTES <br />Eugene City Council <br />McNutt Room —City Hall <br />777 Pearl Street—Eugene, Oregon <br />November 28, 2011 <br />5:30 p.m. <br />COUNCILORS PRESENT: Betty Taylor, George Brown, Andrea Ortiz, George Poling, Mike Clark, <br />Chris Pryor, Alan Zelenka, Pat Farr. <br />Her Honor Mayor Kitty Piercy called the November 28, 2011, work session of the Eugene City Council <br />to order. <br />A. WORK SESSION: <br />Envision Eugene <br />Senior Planner Robin Hostick of the Planning and Development Department joined the council and led it <br />through a PowerPoint presentation entitled Envision Eugene: Project Update for City Council Work <br />Session November 28, 2011. The presentation included an update on the multi - family housing land need <br />and commercial land demand. Mr. Hostick reported that staff found a multi - family housing land need of <br />about 6,340 units with a 55/45 single - family /multi - family ratio and a need for commercial land sufficient <br />to accommodate 16,000 jobs. He suggested there were interventions the City could employ to facilitate <br />development, such as mixed -use development and the rezoning of industrial areas for commercial and <br />mixed use. Councilors asked questions clarifying the details of the presentation. <br />Mr. Brown determined that staff had an assessment of vacant office space and intended to review it more <br /> the inventory was a constantly changing moving target. Mr. Brown requested that <br />information when it was available. He also requested a more fine - grained map of commercial <br />employment and the industrial lands proposed for redesignation to commercial. <br />Mr. Pryor observed that many of the topics mentioned in the presentation, such as financial incentives and <br />EmX, were controversial and difficult. He did not envision the process ahead would be easy. He <br />believed each issue needed to be addressed in the context of the overall goals and the connections <br />between items clearly mapped. He asked staff to provide the council with information about best <br />practices in other areas and the "track record" of recommended choices. <br />Mr. Clark agreed with the remarks of Mr. Pryor. He observed that many of the incentives mentioned in <br />the presentation were already used to achieve the goal of greater density and more mixed -use <br />development. He recalled that the City offered similar incentives when it identified areas for nodal <br />development without significant success and hoped the City could think more creatively about additional <br />incentives. <br />Mr. Clark said the City was basing its land need on the State's projection rather than its own aspirations. <br />He challenged the council to do better than that if it was serious about increasing employment. He did not <br />think. the State's .9 percent job growth number was adequate because the community needed more jobs at <br />a faster pace. <br />MINUTES— Eugene City Council November 28, 2011 Page 1 <br />Work Session <br />