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A <br />W City Attorney's Office <br />Date: February 5, 2013 <br />To: Beth Forrest, City Recorder <br />From: Jerry Lidz, Assistant City Attorney <br />Subject: Scrivener Error Correction to EC 4.989 / Ordinance No. 20500 <br />Memorandum <br />It has come to our attention that reference errors exist in Ordinance No. 20500 that adopted <br />amendments to EC 4.989 on November 26, 2012. <br />EC 4.989 contains subsection references that were not amended when a new subsection was <br />added to that section. Please effect scrivener error corrections to EC 4.989 to correct the <br />references in the following subsections as shown in legislative format below: <br />4.989 Used Merchandise Dealer - Requirements <br />(1) As used in this section, the following words and phrases mean: <br />(h) Regulated property. <br />1. Except for property excluded in paragraph [(e)](h)2. below, any <br />used or secondhand personal property, including, but not limited <br />to, precious metals and gems; watches, jewelry, and household <br />items containing precious metals or precious gems; audio and <br />video equipment and media; photographic and optical equipment; <br />electrical office equipment; yard and garden tools; power <br />equipment and tools; hand tools; telephones or telephone <br />equipment; musical instruments; firearms; and sporting <br />equipment. <br />(4) Reporting requirements <br />(a) Within 12 hours of a purchase, a used merchandise dealer shall input <br />and transmit the recorded information required under subsection [{-24](3) <br />using the automated electronic reporting system approved by the city. <br />(c) In the event that the automated electronic reporting system becomes <br />inoperable, a used merchandise dealer's computer system becomes <br />inoperable, or other event that makes reporting within the time allowed <br />by subsection (a) of this subsection impossible, the used merchandise <br />dealer shall immediately report the occurrence of such event to the chief <br />of police. The chief of police may suspend the reporting requirements of <br />subsection (a) of this subsection for a reasonable period until electronic <br />reporting can resume. Once the chief of police determines that reporting. <br />can resume, used merchandise dealers must, within 12 hours, input and <br />transmit the information required under subsection [(2)](3) for all <br />purchases made during any period reporting was suspended by the chief <br />of police using the approved automated electronic reporting system. <br />(7) Limitations on the sale of regulated property <br />City of Eugene • 125 E. 8th Ave. • Eugene, OR 97401 . 541 - 682 -8447 • 541- 682 -5414 Fax <br />www.eugene- <br />(00083082;1) <br />