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<br />- '~ <br />590 <br />(' ~;) <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />"= :::-=-~:...- -=..-::-_=-:..;:::. - - ~-. - - - ---- --~-::--:::-:-...::.=:::.~.;.::-=--~-~--:-~-_:.-:--:. -_~_-~_~_~-=-=~--~~----___2:"_--::--=----_-=_~=-_--=---~~--=-___~___~_:..~-.::.~__~ <br />~~~._,-, -- --. - --. '1.'1 ~--_..-" - ~---.. --~-- - - ,-, -------'-.:..'- .,--' ~~:.. :~:,.2_ -- -=--=- _cc:.:c- _=-=---CC'~":'::'__.__.: .c"..:: ::-::-=-:...:~-=c-:-...:::-:c_ .-- =-:---~=-~::C-"::-=.~.:'-_ -c - ':C___ <br /> <br /> <br />I <br />I: A report of the Street Committee, was submitted. and read as follows: <br />1- Ii ~ <br />I "Your Committee on Streets to whom was referred t.he ma tter of traffic ey <br />3 I conjestionin the University area begs to report as follows: That we have r"W <br />: studied this question and conferred with President Newburn of the University v' <br />i and that we. .r,e.commend the.. following steps be taken: ::;:;; <br />!' <br /> <br />,: . That permission pe. given to the University of Oregon to block 13th <br />I,: Ave. by means of lights all;9./or barr,icade at, the easterly side of its intersection <br />I, wit,h Kincaid Street. and, the westerly side of its intersection with Uni versi ty <br />'I".. Street for IO-mInute interv,als beginning at 7: 50 A.M. and for each 10-minutes <br />; to the hour until 5:00 P~M.,on school days.., <br /> <br />I That suitable signs be erected on 13th Avenue to warn motorists of the <br />, 10-minute clos.ed, periods and. to prohihit~ the. us,e of, Street for through trucks. <br />i <br />I We further recommend, that the, University. take the necessary steps to <br />I: temporarily convert, its property at, 14th and, Alder Streets for parking of student <br />: aut'omohiles and that, the City Manager be instructed, to. seek th.e use of privately <br />i owned property a.t the, Northeast corner of 13th, and Alder for publi.c parking. We <br />recommend that, parking of standing.,8ut.omobiles, be prohibited, on the East side of <br />Kincaid Street from ,11th .to 13th Av.enues. We recommend that further study be <br />I given to the proposal to eliminate parkihg on 13th Avenue between Alder and Kincaid <br />[: Streets in connection with, the~ d.evelopment_.of, pa,rking facilities." <br /> <br />I: It was moved by Davis, seconded by Bailey that the report of the committee be re- <br />r ceived.. and placed on file and.c..that the, recommendations contained therein be adopted. <br /> <br />:;. " ') REPORTS OF OFFICERS <br /> <br />. A report of the City Manager re: Coburg Interconnector, Mill Race <br />~~ Optipn, etc., was submit.ted and read. ' <br /> <br />I: "In connect.ion with the proposed. construction of the Soblirg Inter- <br />4 II conn~ctor with U. S. Highway 99. for which the City of Eugene has authorized a bond <br />1_- ;; issu~ of $500,000.00, I have been furnished by 'the, legal offices of the State <br />I Highway Co.mmissio~ the rough draf. t of a proposed three-way agreement between the I <br />11 Stat~ of Oregon, Lane County and the City of Eugene, covering that project and <br />I',; the t;illocationof costs to the three, par"ties. <br />I~ <br /> <br />fi I feel t,hat' this ma,tter is, of suf.ficient importance that it. should be <br />11 car.efully examin.ed by the Council as a whole in order that we be completely satis- <br />r to its provisions pertaining to the general understandings and obligations <br />, '1' Ii of the r e,spec, pa r~ies . <br />..; 1':~ <br />I" <br />L I should also like to, 'call att.ention of the Council to the provisions <br />:i of the Oi ty' s opt ion for the purchase. of. the. Mlll Rac,e and certain abu,tting <br />I; properties, thereto, which,,'opti.on o,n. the~, firs,t day of November, 1946. <br />I:; This. ,propose.d pur,chase tog.ether with the agre,ement, mentioned above and the pro- I <br />ii posed ordinance for the remo~al of the spur on 6th Av~nue East all have a <br />I.' definite bearing, on and axe to the entire proJec.t. <br />II " <br />Ii . I would" ther'ef,',.or,e, recommend to the, Mayor, and, the, Counci.l that these <br />I.' items, be set.. over as a special order of busine,s's for. an adj our,nedmee,ting of- the <br />Common Council. on Monday, October 21st.., The Mi'll Race option together with maps <br />I showing, the proper, involved and a copy of t'he proposed three-way agreement . <br />; are on file in my offic~ and can be inspected by members of, the Council if they <br />I: so des,ire,.. prior.. to su, ad.j ourned mee.ting.'" <br />I' - <br />!: It was, moved. by Hawn, seconded by Davis tha t the report of the Manager be re- <br />l,l ceived and placed on file and that the matters be laid over to October 30, 1946, <br />I: at 7:30 P.M. Motion carried.. . <br />.,' <br />I,' <br />~l <br />!~ A report of the City Manager re: Dep'osit of $10.00 for re-zoning <br />i: applications, was submitted. and read. . <br /> <br />I': "A. survey of City cos,ts in connection" wi.thapplications for re-zoning <br />5 I: indicate the probability of continuing, heavy. expenditures from the City General <br />I': Fund .as a cost of advertising ,and, processing such applications. It is further , <br />1_- :' indica. ted that. t.henormal app ropriat.i,?n f,?r legal pUbl.ications. will be exceeded . <br />. i' unless are tak.en, to. charge pub11catl.On, cos,ts to the appll.~ant as is the i <br />'; case ,in applicati.ons for street vacations and, improvements,. Wh11e t~e publi- : <br />I,.i cat ion cost for re-ZOning.,. appli,ca.tions vary, it: is felt tha,t a deposl.t, o~ $10.00 I <br />.. " woul9. be necessary to de~ray publicatiqn costs in cases where the <br />I, application was favorably acted upon by the Planning Commission and re-advertised <br />I! for hearing by the Common Council. <br />I \ <br />I i <br />I, <br />," <br />I.. <br />I' <br />\!~ <br />i: <br />Ii <br />" <br />~. <br />'.' <br /> <br />\ ' ~ <br />