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<br /> Public hearing was opened. <br />e Jill Heimans 1628 East 19th Avenues Eugene, said that she is a board member of <br /> the Lane County ACLU. She said that the final report is thorough and sensitive <br /> to the needs of the community. Ms. Heiman asked the City Council to support the <br /> expansion of shelter facilties and the funding of the alchohol treatment <br /> programs as well to support the alcohol detoxification program through Jobs Bill <br /> funding. She asked that the City Council recommend increased shelter facilities <br /> for the homelesss urging the council to investigate the homesteading program as <br /> an alternatives as well as supporting the establishment of public and private <br /> camping facilties. In regard to the ACLU's concern about drinking in public <br /> placess Ms. Heiman said she supports the recommendation by the task force to <br /> have proper notice of the ordinance posted and similar posting of the anti-camping <br /> ordinance. Referring to the task force's June reports she said the ACLU is <br /> concerned with the City's apparent policy of arresting transients rather than <br /> issuing a citation. She said the City should have equal treatment of transients <br /> and residents and requested that the City abandon making arrests if Citations <br /> in Lieu of Custody could be issued. Ms. Heiman commended the task force on its <br /> work and recommended that the City Council adopt the report. <br /> Richard Guskes 278 North Grands Eugenes said that he agreed with the previous <br /> testlmony. He said he is speaking with the concerns of a resident on the <br /> problems involved with vagrancy in Eugene. Mr. Guske said that he seconds the <br /> recommendation that CDBG funds be used to support the Buckley House alcohol <br /> detoxification program. <br />e There being no further testimony, the public hearing was closed. <br /> Councilor Lindbergs responding to the statements of Ms. Heimans stated that <br /> IIselective enforcementll was a poor choice of \\Ords. He expl ai ned that the <br /> intent is to deal with predatorss the approximately 15 percent of the transient <br /> population that causes the majority of the problems. He added that it is the <br /> intent of the CLC policy to arrest those transients who are committing the <br /> serious crimes. Mr. Lindberg said that the City of Eugene has undergone an <br /> education through the Vagrancy Task Fon:e. He said that the residents of Eugene <br /> had been split into two opposing factionss each having an inaccurate idea of the <br /> purpose of the task force. He explained that the task force attempted to look <br /> at all the people in Eugene as one communitys lOOking at those with serious <br /> needs, as well as trying to minimize the effects of the homeless on the resi- <br /> dents of Eugene, thereby mi nimi zi ng confl ict. Mr. Lindberg thanked the City <br /> Council for its support and encouragement and thanked the task force and those <br /> others involved for their work. <br /> Councilor Wooten thanked the members of the task force and Mr. Lindberg for <br /> the i r wo rk . She stated that she hopes it is not the intent of the City <br /> Council, by its adoption of the report, to direct the reprogramming of the <br /> Jobs Bill Community Development Block Grant funds for alcohol detoxification. <br /> She said she would rather the City Council wait to see what processes are <br /> developed by the Community Development Committee for those funds. <br /> Councilor Hansen asked, as a matter of procedure, if the council is adopting or <br /> accepting the report. He said that the report ;s a great effort, but he is not <br />e sure if the council is ready to accept the guidelines of the report without <br /> further study. Mr. Lindberg explained that the attached summary is divided <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council September 12, 1983 Page 2 <br />