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<br /> C. Councilor Holmer's Absence <br /> e Councilor Holmer stated that he would purchase two of the Eugene Celebration <br /> mugs for a gift to a restaurant operator in Kakegawa. He said he would be <br /> leaving for Eugene's sister city on October 1, 1983, and would be returning to <br /> Eugene on October 18, 1983. He said he might be absent for any interviews for <br /> the Planning Commission vacancies but said he had asked the staff to develop a <br /> list of the current commissioners, identifying them by sex, occupation, and age <br /> as a tool for reviewing the list of applications. <br /> D. Appointments <br /> 1. Consideration of Council Subcommittee Nomination to the Youth <br /> Commission (memo distributed) <br /> Mr. Gleason introduced the agenda item. He said that there were also memos <br /> noting nominations for the Aging and the Minorities ~ommissions. <br /> Ms. Schue moved, seconded by Mr. Lindberg, to appoint Lori <br /> Salzarulo, 1760 West 17th, to fill the unexpired term of Dave <br /> Kanner on the Youth Commission, term to expire January 1, 1986; <br /> Benjamin Taitel, 2115 Brittany, to fill the unexpired term of <br /> David Quinlan on the Aging Commission, term to expire <br /> January 1, 1986; and Tigre Tividad, PO Box 1616, as an alternate <br /> on the Minority Commission. Roll call vote; the motion passed <br /> unanimously, 7:0. <br /> 2. Balloting for Planning Commission finalists/Set interview time <br /> e (memo, ballot distributed) <br /> Mr. Gleason introduced the agenda item. The councilors submitted their ballots <br /> to the Assistant City Manager for tally. Those selected for interviews were <br /> announced later in the meeting. <br /> E. Announcements <br /> 1. City's Receipt of Emergency Medical Services Award <br /> Councilor Schue said she attended the September 24, 1983, luncheon of the <br /> Statewide Association of Emergency Medical Technicians. She said the EMS Agency <br /> of the Year was presented to Eugene/Springfield Emergency Medical Service. She <br /> said she was happy to receive the plaque, especially since she had been on the <br /> council at the time that Eugene and Springfield fire departments were forced <br /> into the situation due to the collapse of the private ambulance service. She <br /> said a duplicate of the plaque will be made for presentation to the City of <br /> Springfield. Mr. Gleason also complimented the two fire departments, praising <br /> their coordination efforts. He added that the Eugene/Springfield service would <br /> also be competing on the national level. <br /> 2. Presentation of Municipal Finance Officers Association Certificate <br /> of Conformance <br /> Mayor Keller stated that the certificate was presented to the City of Eugene <br /> e Finance Office for its FY82 annual financial report, representing the highest <br /> form of recognition in government accounting and financial reporting. Mayor <br /> Keller said that Eugene was one of eight government entities receiving the <br /> MINUTES--Eugene City Council September 28, 1983 Page 2 <br />